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  • Chespin is soooo cute. I like Fennikin's evolutionary line best, though. Its really pretty and magical...=) plus, foxes rule^^ espesally since i have a dog who resembles one.
    Hmm, I'd say that Choice Band could work well on the set, since you only hit 7 Types for SE Coverage here, menaing that Expert Belt won't be too helpful.

    Alternatively, if you don't like the locked into one Move thing, then run Muscle Band.
    Hum, what Moves does said Floatzel have, or is planned to have?

    I'll give it then, since it matters a lot between Expert Belt and Muscle Band, and Focus Sash, while it can work, isn't particularly suited for Floatzel.
    Seen some VMs floating around talking about them , thought of looking for links(Ya know if its talk about my favorite pokemon , why should I miss out?).
    Eventually checked the Mega speculation discussion thread.
    I still don't get it why they are almost alike. (Ok they are twins but their normal forms had differences like completely different species)
    Well, you get a Statue of a certain Pokémon outside of your Rescue Base like the Bonsly, Mime Jr. and Weavile statues, and you get a Message Log, but other than that, nothing really.
    Then... You should wait for a new Dragon Cave Mission?

    You can have multiples of those, instead of getitng the Friend Area, you get money then.
    Feebas is evil.

    It has an incredibly low Appearance Rate and Recruit Rate, it's Version Exclusive (except with Wondermail) and you can only find it in Waterfall Cave ._.
    I think that ecause it's more or less the last Storyline Dungeon along with Meteor Cave, they put lots of goodies in there or something :p

    I already finished it a few times to get Pokémon exclusive to there, it's not very hard.
    Yeah, the same thing with all the HMs and other stationary Items like the Beauty Scarf or the Lunar Bow.
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