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  • Yeah, Wyvern Hill has a Key Room on Floor 30 has Fly (and the Key Room on Floor 20 has the Sun Ribbon)
    You can also find Dragon Scales randomly on Floors 29 and 30.

    You need the Dragon Cave Friend Area to unlock this Dungeon, which is only available through Random Missions.
    Well, if Latios were to go there alone without recruitng anything, Ho-Oh would be recruitable.
    Well, that's why you should go alone, and check to make sure hat in he Pokémon Status Screen's 4th page, that nder Size, there is only 1 star. That way, you can recruit one andom thing in Silver Trench, and still Recruit Lugia.
    Oh, well, that explains it.

    Did you also bring Typhlosion to Lugia's Floor?

    Because if you did, your total size would be 3, and Lugia's size is 4,and the limit is 6.
    Ah, I never had Room Moves >.<

    Wait, Typhlosion?

    What Pokémon did you go into Silver Trench?
    Meh, of course there's the Random Moster Houses along with the Monster Floors on Floor 15, 35, and 75, but if you can get into a passage so that you only have to fight one opponent at a time, it becomes much easier, IMO.
    Hum, K.

    Oh, Relicanth has a size of 1, so if you're the only one in the Dungeon other than Relicanth, you'll still be able to Recruit Lugia, since Lugia has a size of 4, and the size limit is 6.
    Srry for late reply :p


    Oh, and, tip, on Floor 98, when you found the Stairs, send all your teammates that aren't from the Dungeons home, so that Lugia won't go over thensize limit, since Lugia has a perfect Recruit Rate.
    I think that for Spikes you'll need to Sketch it off of a Wild Pokémon that uses it.

    Although, IIRC, the only Wild Pokémon which could know it is Qwilfish, who can only be found on the first 9 Floors of Fantasy Strait, Grand Sea, and Silver Trench, and even then, it's not guaranteed the Qwilfish will even use the Move or have it in it's learnset.

    All other Pokémon which learn Sikes learn it at 40 or above, and the highest Levelled regular Wild Pokémon is Level 35 or so.
    No idea...

    Wait, I think it only works on Enemies, or if the Pokémon the Move was used on hasn't Fainted yet.
    Ugh, I remember dealing with that once.

    Luckily, all it ever did was Spore, and my Partner took care of the rest, althogh it ate up a lot of Reviver Seeds in the process <_<
    Ugh, I hate them.

    I've attempted them a few times for Rescue Missions but always failed.

    Shimmer Desert is horrible if you're a Shinx and all that happens is Earth Power, Earthquake, and Magnitude from the other side of the room everywhere.
    Wish Cave has Skarmory as early as Floor 10, though, which is complete suicide to any Pokémon.

    Roar of Time... Was horrible.

    Took me a few tries.

    Far Off Sea?

    Eh, proably the easiest of the 50+ Floor Dungeons, along with Southern Cavern, it takes long, but I got through it first time round.
    Yeah, it's rather strange, Purity is advertised asthe Hardest Dungeon, yet Wish Cave, Joyous Tower, and Meteor Cave are IMO all much harder than it.

    Outside of Wish Cave/Purity Firest/Joyous Ower, what's your Hardest Dngeon?
    Joyous Tower.

    By far.

    Although, I haven't done Joyous Tower much, only to pick up random Pokémon on Floors 1-7.
    Ah, K.

    I learned that around Sinister Woods, where I waned to recruit a Cascoon, but couldn't because Magnemie was in the way,so I went to Magnemite's Menu, and about the 3rd option or so is Go Home, which sends the Pokémon home.

    But, if this Pokémon has only just been recruited (eg. Recruited in Silent Chasm and you haven't gone anywhere else yet), then it will instad be replaced by an option called Let Go (or something by those lines) which releases the Pokémon.
    You know that you can just send your Water Type home, rit?

    Oh, I sometimes do those, they tend to have good rewards like Evolutionary Stones.

    Since Buried Relic is probably the second easiest of the 99F Dungeons, it doesn't bring much problems, only mabe Magnitude Golem.
    Silver Trench?

    It's incredibly easy, you just need to pack a few Huge Apples and a Reviver Seed or 3, like usual, the only real threat is encountering Kingdra in the Floor 75 Monster House who use Agility.

    Purity Forest... I haven't gotten to anything better then 38, which is better then Wish Cave, where I never got anything higher than the 20 needed for the Medicham Mission.

    I really hate Wish Cave.
    Huh, it knows Recover?

    I never noticed since Ho-Oh is rather easy IMO :p

    But, I'm a Torchic, and my partner is Chikorita, and I soloed the thing so I had room for Castform when I recruited Ho-Oh, as Castform was the only Poké I hadn't gotten in that Dungeon yet.

    What really is horrible is Meteor Cave.

    The fact that you essentially need a Tight Belt, X-Ray Specs, and Friend Bow to even Recruit Deoxys is insane, especially considering that other than those, you only have room for one other Item, I still haven't completed that.
    Yeah, I'm also just on the Forum, not much else.
    Maybe I'll start up my PMDBRT and try to find Mew again.
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