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  • A lot of people like TTYD a lot more than any other Paper Mario game. If you ask me I like the first three Paper Mario games despite SPM being very different.

    I actually didn't know that. I thought if you got hit once then you didn't get the achievement. It's like that one achievement in Mega Man 10 where you get it if you don't get hit a single time.
    And wow. I didn't know you can make something that great with the graffiti mode. It just sucks that you can't share sprays because you spend all that time on one spray and you probably won't use it again once you're done with the game.

    Honestly, I agree with you on the whole loot box thing. I wanted to buy Star Wars Battlefront 2, but once I heard what they were doing with the lootboxes I changed my mind. These things deserve to go straight to hell. We should earn these things in game instead of paying for them.

    Also, I wanted to say this: Merry Christmas!
    I knew no good would come from city folk and their pepper sprays!
    *whacks children with walking stick*

    Hey, uh... could you help me out of this?

    That's an idea, although it would need a power supply.

    Huh, wow.
    Now I'm blind all thanks to you! :mad:

    *sets traps and traps the hunters*


    I don't, but I know people who do.

    o **** dats me

    4G in the buttcraxk of Australia, yeah, no thanks. >.<

    Might preorder. But idk if I have mons.
    *steps closer* :eek:

    Well, excuuuuuse me, but maybe I LIKE forest fires.

    Too long. Finding the money for a recharge every month is difficult. >.<
    Idk probably.

    That's your opinion, mate.

    Using mobile data. Been using this since June or something like that.
    *presses it over and over again*
    Cool! You got the Darth Vader edition.

    Maybe I like Amaterasu to be on fire. :p

    I don't purchase games online atm because I have no internet. ;w;
    It's part fairy so pixie dust won't work.

    Oh dear.

    I wanted a high quality Amaterasu statue or something.
    Little bee from gen 7 with a scarf that's adorable as f*ck.

    *throws stick into a pond*

    I'll see if there's any preorder bonus, but if there isn't then it doesn't matter.
    Become a Riombee.

    Oh dear. Hunt me till I perish from exhaustion.

    Why would you give up such a good life? What are you going to become now? D:

    I'm a bit of both, I must say. Although, threaten me or my loved ones and I will f*cking kill you.
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