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    *cat climbs over*
    Oh yes. :3

    Ew, Star Wars.
    Yeah, a lot of Aussies tend to get butthurt over trivial things. >.<
    Oh no.

    Yeah, I'd rather not be swept up by a broom either...

    I'm too poor to preorder it anyway.
    I said, SHUT UP!

    It's completely safe! Trust me.

    I'm getting the remaster on PS4. It's gonna bring up a lot of nostalgia.
    Hey! Shut up!

    We're gonna have to shrink you. D:

    Alas, I only have Okami on the good ol' PS2.


    Well excuse me. I had to take a test then had orientation. At orientation I received a script that I have to memorize that is 5 pages long by Monday. I haven't been online hardly at all the past few days other than checking my bank information.
    Once I graduated college I had to pay rent. Tomorrow I have to take a certification exam since my new job will require me to get certified. I've taken a practice test already and got a 90% so I should be good.
    Paper Mario: Sticker Star tends to be generally hated. Super Paper Mario and Paper Mario: Color Splash is kinda the middle point. Some people like those two games and others hate them. However, everyone loves the first two games.

    I really hate the obstacles in Jet Set Radio by the way. Most of the time you have to get the real big tags out of the way otherwise the jetpack guys or whoever is really annoying to you is gunning you down while you do it. One of the achievements on the Xbox 360 version is to actually clear the whole game without getting hit by them. Heh! Good luck doing that...

    I know right? Sometimes I wasn't able to get the A ranks just because of what they expect you to do.

    And I totally agree with you. I never was a big fan of the space levels. It's so slow and you have to travel from spring to spring just to get from the planets. Not only that, but if you decide to get hints they word them out so weirdly that they're pretty much vague. Not only that, but the A ranking for those levels are a pain. You have to get really lucky.

    There isn't much to PC exclusives I really want. In fact I can't really name a game on PC I want. I have TF2, but that isn't really PC exclusive...is it?
    You haven't played Sticker Star? Well, that's a good thing. It's a very terrible game, believe me.
    Sadly that is very true. I remember finding a lot of secret routes on JSR on complete accident. I was really upset when I did find them because I could've saved time on other missions if I would have known before hand.

    Well, there are guides to raise your Chao in a specific way, but then again raising Chao isn't for everyone. Also, I hate A ranking every stage. With Rouge/Knuckles missions I pretty much have to restart the stage over and over and hope the emerald pieces aren't in stupid locations. Especially when it comes to Metor Herd and that other level that's in space which I hate.

    Well that's understandable if you don't see any games you don't have any interest in. After all, the console just launched not too long ago.

    Oh you meant it like that. I'm not too sure about that either to be honest. Not everyone has a PC that can run games very well. I'm not too big on gaming on my PC anyways. It just doesn't feel right to me, but that's probably because I have been using consoles for several years now.
    I didn't want to use a guide, but I guess I don't really have a choice now. I hate looking at guides for things...especially if I need it to figure out what I'm supposed to do. *cough* Sticker Star *cough* but I digress.
    That is very true...I hated getting the Jet rankings in all of those levels. Some of the levels don't even have infinite grinds so you just have to find something that gives you a lot of points and hope for the best. Not only that but the police bugs the crap out of you while trying to do it.

    I do hope you have a good time with the Chao garden though. Honestly I think that's one of the better elements in a Sonic game. It's sad they haven't been in any games recently. Sega even asked their fans if they wanted to include Chao in their future games...which I thought was a stupid question because people really loved that feature.

    Well it has free services right now, but it's only going to be about $3 a month? Plus I'm pretty sure they give you retro games when you are subscribed and I think that's pretty cool. Then again it's very hard to find a switch at the moment because every store keeps selling out everytime they get a supply...

    Eh, I don't know about that. I wouldn't want to see Pokemon on a platform like Xbox. I already don't like the Xbox's hardware already (I have a 360 and a One, but only because my friends had those consoles and I wanted to play games with them.)
    You 100% Jet Set? Dude that's a major achievement. That game is so hard. I'm close to 100% it but it's hard to find all the graffiti souls.
    SA2 is a very good game, but I enjoy it mainly because of the Chao Garden. That submode is really fun~

    I guess you don't have a Nintendo Switch in that case? I guess that would be a lot to handle...
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