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  • ...HOW?

    That's a weak excuse!
    Use some eyedrops!

    That is tangible!
    But it doesn't haveto be! Mario Kart is still a Mario game despite gameplay!
    But it's really from the future, just disguised!

    Yes, internet quotes.

    Then don't complain about Smash but every fighter instead.
    All right then! *runs, and returns after with some goodies of around the world* I even got future stuff... Like this! *sprays Fairy Dust at you, coming out of a spray can*

    Think of something then!
    Come on, I don't have folders with OCs but I know some!
    Just try it! Just do it! ~The Internet

    Do you prefer competitive fighters then?
    *cough* Melee community, even bringing their own fricking CRTs with them *cough*
    Or just run, to be faster than light?

    No no no, you start. I always have to start, and I'm getting sick of needing to start all the time!

    But it's better than other fighter games, in my opinion. More appealing than Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat.
    If it helps the game, why not? As long no clones get in...
    ...Wait, I am? That would be amazing....

    Yes you can!
    I will, but some borrowing isn't that bad! You're just overreacting.

    Still, it's a good cashgrab, atleast they use their IPs... Besides crappy spin-offs or just inactiveness...
    Not if I wish you're able to esc- HEY! And you wanted to send me in it!

    Does it matter as long you will get to know, get to understand who they are, so you won't be utterly confused?
    It's still better than Sony's cashgrab All-Stars....
    Because we didn't try to get it back!

    What about a mishmash, actually? Like, just want we want? No overpowered stuff, though!
    ...I like the idea, but I have no idea what novel or film it is from!
    That would be great, less explaining to do then!
    Ouch, what was that for?

    Did not think about that one.

    I own the planet...

    this is why phoenix mode is bliss.

    But that's what makes it best.

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