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  • That's the one ging, still law, still vic - Uni's uni. Oh good ****! Aucklands a nice city, not very student friendly from what I hear. Really big and expensive, but great place, spent the best part of primary school there so no complaints. Let's definitely see if we can rendezvous with calum in the next holidays! Provided you're around of course. Far out, it's been a long time coming trying to meet him huh?
    Also, thought: Next time you come to wellington (Sooner the better) we go meet Callum - what do you say, yes/no? 'Cos I reckon it's high time we hang out.
    Hah, great pic there! Did one of us draw that?
    And sh*t no, haha, Cert. ain't never gonna happen, I can't live the CRMT lifestyle anymore, but massive respect to Blue Harvest for sticking strong! - radical chick that she is.
    PS: dayum it's been a while even since you posted this, might have to message the old crew and see what they're up to nowadays. How are you Gingo? How have your uni plans shaped up?
    Fair enough man, it'd be a darn long time to still be going at it eh?

    Haha you'll cruise through level three and scholarship, (though I bailed on scholarship) I did it with minimal work because of an extreme lack of motivation.

    And yes the photos have gotten a bit out of hand, I dislike the way I'm only seen as drunk on facebook. I blame girls for only ever pulling out their cameras when alcohol is involved.

    Also and update:
    I have yet to randomly run into calum around uni, though there is a guy in a law lecture who sits next to friends of mine I saw wearing a leavers hoodie from calums school so I'm thinking there'll be some stalking done in the near future.
    Heya, I've gone and had another moment of nostalgia and popped back to Serebii for short while. Are you still frequenting these forums? Are you still playing pokemon at all? And how've you been, and how are things in general?
    gingy <3 My Gyarados is the flinch master he makes Jirachi look like a pussy lol

    I'm doing good still playing mons for some reason and dealing with college and the like. What about you its been ages!
    Hoy! Wassup homie?? Just checking in to see how ya doin' :) Also, being that you did so many Level 3 Subjects last year, what's your plan for this year? Uni early? Or still school, but with a ton of scholarship papers?
    I wish you the best of luck. I'm a mod, I'll never be able to escape.. :(

    I wonder how many precious hours of my life I've burned playing Pokemon or modding these forums..
    Nah. From what I can tell you're done with competitive Serebii so I assume it would mostly be spam. I would laugh, but we really don't need MORE regulars making spammy crap posts.
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