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Witch of 'Cos
Last Activity:
Feb 28, 2019
Oct 3, 2008
Likes Received:
May 19, 2008 (Age: 11)
Hello! How are you!

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Witch of 'Cos

i love the pee pees, 11, from Hello! How are you!

Witch of 'Cos was last seen:
Feb 28, 2019
    1. Blue Harvest
      Blue Harvest
      I laugh every time I read your sig. Every single time.
    2. Wizard of 'Cos
      Wizard of 'Cos
      HAHAHA! Oh those were the golden days :')
      That eye picture literally made me burst into laughter. Ugh nostalgia moment, I want that back, but now calums all elitest hardcore pogemanz and I just don't care anymore.
    3. [GS]
      And since I am quite bad at making teams, battling so far has not gone all too well for me.
      Took the words right out of my mouth...
    4. Rhys29
      It centers the text better so you don't have to scan from one side of your computer screen to the next. It's mostly for aesthetics.
    5. Salavoir55
      lol, I figured if Kingdrom could do with his Avatar, I might as well too. I still plan on invading whatever chats you guys go to on occasion (if I have time). =)
    6. Salavoir55
      If this was fb, I'd say you were hacked. But this isn't fb, so I'll say =x,<>/SSFOA)9jkwfe.l,./s;+............... -.-

      At least I'm not the only person with a gender of "undisclosed." Only another person with that gender could feel that way. =1
    7. Blue Harvest
      Blue Harvest
      I'm not sure, I didn't write them.. When we made the 5th gen RMT section I just copy-pasted the old rules.

      You have a point though. I actually noticed that today (JSP-whatever spamming monotype teams). Its ok; soon I'm going to revamp the rules and begin enforcing a "if you don't know what you're talking about don't rate teams" since while the posted teams are better (well.. they have EVs now at least) raters are probably 99% terrible.

      I'm going to try and write a general "how to not suck at this game" guide soon too. Maybe remove the certified raters list since ATM.. well, there aren't any good active raters besides donut. RMT archive too since its been overall useless.
    8. TehJonno

      <3 I miss you

    9. Wizard of 'Cos
      Wizard of 'Cos
      Ging, there be treachery afoot.
      Those who we thought we could trust plot to do away with TG.
    10. AceTrainerMohamed
      Congratulations for the new clan =)
      wish the best for you leading your new beautiful in its simplicity clan ;)
    11. Fortunato
      Ging I must say your clan is beautiful just watch out for dem gyarados ;)
    12. Salavoir55
      Oh hey. It's gingbino11 with the always winner emoticons!
    13. Gren Draco
      Gren Draco
      Marry me? In more than 10 characters, of course.
    14. Gren Draco
      Gren Draco
      Bet this wasn't expected.
    15. raymund
      WHy are you still here then.
    16. raymund
      Oooh bummer I guess there's no clan then.
    17. raymund
      Yo sexy it's that time of the month where's the whole gang?
    18. Lorica
      you gay

    19. Witch of 'Cos
    20. Mail Time
      Mail Time
      hi gingo, next time youre on can you just hover around xat. ty
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    May 19, 2008 (Age: 11)
    Hello! How are you!
    Favourite Pokémon:


    If you think PINK COLOR is the most precious symbol of girls and women copy to your sign (start by Airi-Chan(