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    Certainly, if you want. I checked it out, and it doesn't seem like a trainwreck right now, but if you decide you want it closed at any time, just let me know. =)
    You need to give an excerpt as a sample of the most objectionable content to be found in the story to verify that it's acceptable. Send it in a PM.
    Look, if you are going to enter a debate, be prepared to have to back up your views with valid arguments, and maybe even have to do some research. You complain about how people reacted to you and your opinions, but that's what you get in the Debate section and when you make silly points.

    I'm going to be honest with you. You seem like someone who used to be really into girl-on-girl, and then started feeling guilty about it (which you shouldn't :p). So to make yourself feel better you start going on about how it's wrong and should be outlawed, perhaps because you're just that disgusted by yourself. The problem is that you seem to think that the lesbians in pornography imitate real-life lesbians. But they're not the same. Go out and meet some real-life homosexual women, and you'll find that they are not the thin, bikini-clad babes you're so used to seeing. They don't look like models (some even look very masculine), and they're not making out and groping each other 24/7. Don't make assumptions about people based off porn, because it honestly just makes you sound ignorant.

    I understand some of what was said to you was a little upsetting, but you have to be prepared to face valid arguments and have equally good responses, because "I think lesbians may make out in public" isn't going to win you any points on this board. I would honestly just recommend doing a but of research and reevaluating your stance. Best of luck,

    I love how you were all "omg lesbians fap fap fap" six months ago and now you're all "OMG LESBIANS ARE GROSS AND DESERVE TO DIE".
    You're quitting because you can't win. Nice.

    Ehh... whatever... I'm done debating anyway and I just hope to god that there isn't going to be no lesbianism stuff in the future. And I don't really care about any smelly biography or book or whatever, that protrays lesbianism and I bet those type of books made various people masturbate anyway...
    And you can call me immature.

    Orlando is entirely prose; as in, text. There aren't any pictures to get readers hot n' bothered, and the description of lesbianism is pretty tasteful. Same with V for Vendetta; I doubt you've read it, or even seen the film, but lesbianism in that never goes further than holding hands and cuddling. The film only has one kiss, which isn't played for titillation or to get people reaching down their trousers. This lesbian then spends her remaining time getting tortured and experimented on in a concentration camp run by a party that bears strong resemblance to the Nazis.

    I'm continuing it here because it was only up to when you quit that you actually started debating and not just parroting your views over and over with no real justification. This is a counter-argument, nothing more.
    hm hm, well in that case okay, if you don't want to then you don't want to, however if you like to try this out one day you are welcome to try it out again in one of the groups i maintain. you know where to find me^^
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