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  • Wow! Sorry I didn't see this until over 2 years later! VMs don't give email notifications. Yeah, I'm still alive and around. I don't really play Pokemon anymore though cause I don't have time.
    Hey man, it really has been a while. It may look like I am active, but I really don't come here all that often anymore (the fact I am replying to this a month late probably gives that away), but yeah because I keep it logged in, it still says that I am online every now and then (I don't know how that works). Have not really done much in the way of pokemon over the 5th gen, but who knows what 6th gen will bring.
    Heeeey! It's been a while. Well, I haven't played since 2010.. but I did have a short run at OU again a few months back. It is quite different from what it used to be. OU now is more like offensive Ubers back then. Big power, small time. Much less room for mistakes now, too. It'd be nice to dig up the old team and play, learn and hang together again, aye?

    Uh, wait, um, who were you again? >.>
    Right. Pretty sure that I'm going to be coming down over Queen's Birthday weekend to see friends/go to the Armageddon expo down there and such. So, are you going to in the city?
    I think it might have actually been me who drew it, I found it sitting in my mons folder when I was cleaning out my old computer. And I don't think that anyone other than the Heister is still around anymore, and he'll never win a major tournament anyway. "how about next year/year after im not 100% confident YET" was what he said to me when I last came down (in 2011) SO IT COULD MAYBE WORK. Although I'm not really sure when I'll come down next, maybe some time in the middle of this year to go visit friends down there. Because moving up to Auckland on sunday to begin my education in the most prestigious of degrees: bachelor of arts. I'm guessing you're continuing on with law?

    I guess that I'm still kinda interested in mons, it's just being bothered to get up to date with it and then all the other effort is far too high for no reward. No fun anymore.

    Level 3 exams at the end of the year really mean nothing at this point. I am actually more worried about the in-school mock exams at the end of this term as they decide gpa for end-of-year prizegiving. aka. they decide how large I can claim my intellectual penis is. Scholarship, I don't even want to think about those exams. Managed to pick one up in Classics last year (even though I never get the money and it was more ego++ than anything else) and now the pressure is on to get ridiculous amounts of them.

    And just go walk around whatever area commerce classes are in until you find him and shout at him.
    I neither frequent these forums nor play pokemon at all these days. Apart from kinda looking forward to b/w 2.

    And I've been doing fine, I suppose. Just spent the whole holidays doing nothing at all in preparation for the end of year workload. And judging by the photos on fb, you've been having a good enough time at uni?
    I guess I'm doing okay. I got level 3 this year (with merit) so a bit of my year will be trying to put that up. But I get to do a couple of uni papers (stats/physics/philsophy), and then sit in three other classes dicking around for a whole year and sitting more schol.

    What about you? Which uni are you gonna go to (if you are) and what are you gonna be studying?
    lol, you will probably own the other clans if you all aren't rusty (or unlucky =1). I haven't battled in so long that even if I was given a killer team, I wouldn't do so well, lol. But thanks for the info! I'll keep it in mind.
    Not a glorious comback as far as I know, unfortunately. It doesn't look like 5th gen added anything new to entice me with anyway... I'm still around because I was made a temporary co-leader of the Christian Alliance Club here. How that happened? It's kind of a long story, but I've told it to someone before in these VMs, so you can check that out if you wish. (I won't accuse you of stalking. =I )

    However, I did check out the clan section the other day because (a) I was procrastinating on writing a boring paper I needed to write and (b) I noticed that the clan was Team Seasoul, which I remember disbanding during my competitive and clan days. That was actually the first time I've checked out anything competitive on Sppf in quite some time 0.0. I'm kind of scared to look at CRMT or anything related to it anyway, lol. I also check out bld every now and then to maintain it (some strange things happen to it on occasion...), but I think the board has just about outlived its usefulness as a resource now that 5th gen has started, if it hasn't outlived its usefulness already.
    PS: I'm nosey, and Blue Rabbit, I'm one of those people who like Hobby.
    Ahaha, I was just messing with him. Hobby's a cool guy.
    Nothing much is really happening, and I am only barely active (not being able to run Pokemon Online means I am quite out of touch with where the current competitive metagame is going). But there are not all that many people from our time left around.
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