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Wizardly Oz
Last Activity:
Sep 18, 2016
Aug 13, 2013
Likes Received:
Bucklebury Ferry

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Wizardly Oz

Scholar of Insects, from Bucklebury Ferry

Wizardly Oz was last seen:
Sep 18, 2016
    1. Kamran11
      Wassup dude , How's it going ?
    2. dragonphoenixlord
      Thanks for the trade!
    3. dragonphoenixlord
      OK, my in game name is Krosis just so you know what to look for.
    4. dragonphoenixlord
      I am online waiting.
    5. dragonphoenixlord
      That time should work for me. I will be online here and in the game at 6pm PST.
    6. dragonphoenixlord
      I have a hidden ability Eevee. My fc is 0361 7366 7010. What time works for you?
    7. dragonphoenixlord
      You said to VM instead of PM so here goes. I would love to have a HA Lileep/Crawdily. What would you like for it? I have a lot, too many to list. Thanks for your time!
    8. SkyBlue
      ehehehe Cradily is our leader @3@
    9. Primal Crusader V
      Primal Crusader V
      Yeah, I'm pretty bummed out that we didn't get the new DQH: Rocket Slime for the 3DS. That game was a part of my childhood.

      Have you heard of Dragon Quest X?
    10. Kamran11
      Understandable i'm kinda like that too lol

      I actually never heard of chain fishing sounds cool gotta try it sometime. & I just beat the game like a half hour ago lol my champion team was lucario, charizard, greninja, pikachu, lapras, and liepard. I think im about to go on to catching mewtwo now. Then im switching my team up for battling. I just added you my fc is 5172-1002-0304. Its cool now they have a friend safari where you can catch pokemon that are in you friend's pokedex that may not be in yours
    11. MastersOfMonsters
      Sword puns? Oh. Oooh, I remember. Thank you so much, Oz. :3
    12. Kamran11
      Forgot about our convo lol ?
    13. MastersOfMonsters
      Hellosies. ^^ That's neat (must be dangerous to massage a sword).

      Though, why on Earth would that remind you of me of all people?! XD
    14. Galvantulaman
      Lol... those jumping spiders always get me.

      TBH i haven't used bug types in my playthrought. I've had Chasnaught, Lapras, Ampharos(Mega), Gardevoir, Talonflame and Aegislash...

      Now i kinda dislike M-Heracross. I know it's stats are great, but the design... I don't know, kinda freaks me out just like M-Pinsir did.

      I would have loved the Yanmega line if it had gained the Dragon-Type and the Flygon line it it had the Bug-type instead of Ground. Galvantula, i haven'r managed to get it yet :/ guess i'll have to wait till Poke Bank :/
    15. Kamran11
      Yea im taking my time trying not to miss anything important and raising my party which is why im taking so longing. I have Frogadier aswell ,pikachu, lucario, charizard, lucario , pansage, and absol. & now i currently have two badge just got to shalour city ; I could barely put the game down at times lol && YESS it is not easy to do any type of school work with the temptation of playing :-/
    16. Kamran11
      Thanks for asking , umm im falling behind in some subjects but doing my best to maintain and get it back together which im slowly doing. I found a way to make the day go by faster aswell. I would say im slowly progressing. Btw im pretty sure you have pokemon x or y ? If so how you doing in the game ? man its awesome i got pkmn y 2days ago and im 16hours in with 1 badge lol
    17. GatedSunOne
      I've been waiting for this game since January, and it did not disappoint at all. I'm up to the last badge, and my team is crazy overpowered thanks to the combined efforts of EXP Share 2.0 and Lucky Egg (Level 70+, with one of them level 80). This is also due to me swapping members out a lot between Gyms and catching everything to complete the Dex, I guess.

      My team is Greninja, Sylveon, Mega Gengar, Event Blaziken, Togekiss (the broken Fairy/Flying type), and...well, it "was" Sycamore's venusaur, but the thing's barren movepool made him become a liability--so I Boxed him. I wanted to choose Charizard X, but I HATE redundancy on any team I make as I already had Blaziken.

      Do us both a favor, if you will, and don't bother training Flabebe--her movepool and stats, even as Florges, are subpar. If fairys are your style, rear up Sylveon or GTS Trade for Togepi. I wasted a lot of time giving that girl a chance, and when it came down to the choice of evolving Floette or Togetic (both require Shiny Stone, and there's only one in game) I easily chose Togekiss.

      Combined with Xerneas' Fairy Aura, Togekiss hits like a bullet train...even thouigh you have to teach/breed it Fairy moves since it doesn't learn them itself. Classic Game Freak logic.
    18. Galvantulaman
      Well... to be honest, they're pokemon, so...

      I don't ask much, just for them to be slightly accurate. At least their legs has some kind of resemblance with actual articulate leg segments, in the end they seem to be arthropods. But if i want to be picky i would point out the fact that most pokemon "bugs" tend to be insectoids with only 4 legs instead of 6. Even Galvatula gets chelicerae and pedipals but only four legs???? Where are we! Lol

      PD: I always thought of the devil's coach horse as a Dermaptera.... o_O
    19. MasterofArcanine
      The old Friend Codes were game specifc but now they are tied to the 3ds only.. no Pal Pad in 6th Generation
    20. Galvantulaman
      sorry! I was away from the forums until release, excepto for a few times. Now that i have my game in hands i can finally answer you ;)

      My favourite is tied beetwen Heracross and Galvantula. Heracross because i love beetles... just love them. They don't sting and are really versatile. Galvantula because of it's type, not because it's a spider lol.

      My expectations were too high... But i consider myself satisfied with the mega evos for Heracross, Pinsir (finally getting wings!) and Scizor. ;) I'd love a Galvantula mega evo, but that's just a rumor.

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    Bucklebury Ferry
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Most always clad in my trusty Greek fisherman's cap.

    science of evolution and the natural world, photography, kite flying.


    1779 1165 5016