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  • Well, besides Froakie, Sylveon, Charmander/Bulbasaur and Honedge...that's about it for now. I hate it that Milotic isn't available in XY, apparently.

    I usually avoid regional tropes (regional birds, rodents, PikaClones, etc) because they become worthless by the end of the in game story. I LOVED Sentret and Starly, but Unfezant was a travesty; and Talonflame's typing scares me away from using him right away. No offense--I see you plan on using one.

    I plan on using a LOT of Fairy-types tomorrow since that appears to be my biggest draw to XY; so the last two slots may go to Gardevoir and Slurpuff/Aromatisse. I originally planned on running a pure-Dark team, but Kalos doesn't seem to have enough for them early on. Outside a Kanto Mega Evo, you guessed correctly: since Gardevoirite isn't available until postgame (or unless a future friend trades me one), I will be cycling Megas since I can't decide on one just yet!

    I liked Xerneas a lot more than Yveltal from the get-go, but that's not to say I don't like the guy either. His concept is one of the most daring in this franchise. Vampirism, the Phoenix, and the raptor...that's one heck of a mix. Still team Xerneas all the way, though.
    ...Well, there are quite a few Megas I plan on getting my hands dirty with, but GF has made it very hard for me to choose between Charizard X and Mega Venusaur-- Both of them are monsters in competitive play (I have X Version pre-ordered). I know for a FACT I'll spam Mega Gardevoir regardless of how it looks now; but I really feel folks are more grossed out by its chest horns than think they're anything sexual. Mega Mewtwo X's BST is far and beyond that of Mewtwo Y's as well, and I know I'll be using him postgame.

    On another topic...how do you feel about our XYZ trio?

    I STILL feel there is going to be a W-Axis legend; as this is the first time in this franchise's history our Mascot Legends share BST. Zygarde's pathetic stats scream he will get either a boosted forme a la Kyurem or a counterpart with high S.Def. Some say the Sea Spirit's Den is supposed to be this W-Axis guy's lair...and that it will be that rumored "ice wolf" whose romanized name was trademarked by Nintendo, a while back.

    Oh. And if it wasn't obvious, Xerneas is my favorite of the supposed four--followed by Zygarde for looking deeply ancient and dangerous. Xerneas really steps all over Yveltal competitively.
    I love Whisper of the Heart! I tend to like Romance and slice of life. Although Only Yesterday could give it a run for its money I love both of them. Cat return is very enjoyable indeed.. Even though I hate cats!

    Which one? The English version? I love both Soaring and I'm Gonna Fly by Sydney..

    Ehh Princess Mononoke while had amazing theme and moral message I thought it was too long. It's one of the last film I would watch. I still like it though.. A great film really..

    Castle in the sky! I love it. I'm Pazu & Sheeta fan!

    I want to see the new and last Miyazaki film, The Wind Rises.. Can't wait!

    I like Nausicaa and the Valley of the Wind too!

    Skrelp's evo is awesome! Although I hate its name.. I would call mine Dracoweed/Dragoweed.
    Oh Thanks Wizardry Oz. I did not know that. Since i got you here: do you want to send me your 3ds friend code so we can trade and battle. My is: 3265-5471-9696. See you 6th generation my friend.
    oh really ;) hehe... I am terrible :p

    I do love Goodra's design Because in the generation that Gamefreak claim to be bringing Dragon's down a little, what do we get? ANOTHER BST 600 Dragon to up the general power and average BST of Dragons... that's what bugs me :L like what sort of message is Goodra sending? I don't get it.

    Meh, Clawitzer is a disappointment to me :( it's design is also a little unexpected even, but pretty cool- but, it is basically just a special attack Kingler... if it was part Electric or that elusive Water/Fire type then I really would have used it for sure! But it is just odd... even Steel would have been coolish.

    Dragalge really is a standout design for me- I HAVE to trade for one on X! Poison/Dragon badass! He is SICK! Love it! ooh fly? That would be sweet :p

    Ooh he really is a prankster then haha, Klefki's design is so endearing to me :3 I think that would be an awesome idea :D perhaps an event Klefki with special 'typed' keys that give it access to moves it wouldn't- like a Dragon Claw key for Dragon Claw or a Lightning Bolt key for Thunder... something like that :D it seems it might get a gimmick, being a stand alone.

    I am on a LoZ fan unfortunately, but I can understand how that would be exciting for those who are :D

    Sounds cool :) found any Helioptile? Aw so do I dude :3 homework shmomwork :( Goomy is so cute and weird :D does it have eyes?
    That sounds look a good arrangement :) also limiting your play is no bad thing :p

    I do like Goodra itself, but... it being the pseudo legend bothers me, a lot :L

    Clawitzer is the most disapointing pokemon this gen for me and Dralalge is the most pleasant surprise :D I can NOT believe that Clauncher didn't get a second type :S just beyond me that! Dragalge gets an awesome unique and rather unexpected [some people were suggesting it, but I honestly just expected Poison/Water throughout] type and Clawitzer gets.... pure Water- serious it bugs me :p

    I LOVE Klefki! Absolutely love it! A little disapointed it doesn't evolve but it's design is so so so cool as well as it's concept :) amazing!

    Honedge's line is very intersting, I like them all- I LOVE Flabebe's line too! So AWESOME!
    Sorry for the late reply...let's just say a job I had went sour almost immediately after getting hired. Needed a moment to gather my shattered expectations.

    I had no idea you were a female user--the more diversity out here the better, I say. Usually I find that the male characters in these games tend to be less cosmetic/detailed than the girls (XY is blatant proof of this). With that said, Red, Brandon and Lucas were the only ones that really caught my attention.

    Goodra's entire line and Dragalge are by far some of my favorites...by like you mentioned, I find myself disappointed with MegaGardevoir's design. They could have taken her much further than just renting her a wedding gown (and making her awkward chest spike even more noticeable)...but that's just me. Hopefully her stats will far outweigh her design; since Charizard X and Mega-Abomasnow seem to make them ferocious.
    Well thank you. Haha, too bad GF doesn't always play logically.

    Well, it was Chesnaught, TalonFlame, Clauncher, Floettes evo (can't think of the name), Goodra, Aegislash.
    But, that was when I was thinking it would be Dragon/Poison, now I'm more than likely gonna switch out Goodra. xD
    I like its design and all, but he really disappointed me.So he'll have to sit in the corner and think about what he did for a while.
    Nah I do have a 3DS XL, but I only just started back at university so I don't want to compromise it :S also erm, I kinda feel like I won't enjoy playing it now, I am going through some stuff so erm

    I am not familar with Castle in the Sky? I dunno, they are all slowly growing on me, but I just think Chespin is the one for me :) that means of the games I've played I've had starters as follows: Fire then Water then Fire then Water then Grass so picking Chespin means I'd have 2 of each :)

    Yeah, I am slowly not hating the fairies as much now, I might still catch my darling Swirlix :3 Slurpuff's cake silhouette is kinda clever but it's 'hair' and general dumpiness still puts me off a little. Aromatisse is terrifying :L

    I am just so intrigued for Clauncher's evo- I HOPE for Water/Fire but I reckon it will probably be Water/Electric which is still okay, but they could go with THAT type :p

    Goomy is interesting, i hope it has a good evo :D
    erm, still sticking with Chespin :) but I dunno if I'll actually get round to playing the game though :S how about you?
    ...You know, Greninja licking off his bubbles would actually freak me out more than him using his tongue as a scarf. XD But seriously, I don't know about anyone else, but I like Greninja enough to be disappointed if he weren't real. His "scarf", alongside the stance he's making in the shot, reminds me of Strider Hiryu for some reason.

    Of all the new things swirling around Gen Six, I'm likely excited about Fairy Type the most (with Mega Evolution in second, despite the apparent "hate" surrounding it on this site). I'm definitely playing as Serena as well. Comparing the two MCs, it looks as though they spent more time and detail creating Serena than Calem, and it's become apparent she's getting the limelight to show it off (as she's both in the anime and the apparent posterchild for character customization)...that, or the developers knew they designed a winner when they made her. Either way, I haven't liked a female lead this much since Dawn.

    I was looking around online....and apparently, some yutz on Reddit claims he has a legitimate copy of Pokemon X (He even has a picture of the box opened with the cartridge showing--complete with the whole "Official Nintendo Seal"). Since I'm terrible at linking to sites right now, I suggest opening up Pokemon X's Board on Gamefaqs--people are starting to take interest over there, and it's where I found the supposed guy talking about it.

    Of course, if he's the real deal and goes crazy with the spoilers, the guy's in for some serious legal action from Game Freak/Nintendo.
    I like all of them.

    But I can't decide which is my favourite out of my top 2. My top 2 are Whisper of the Heart & Only Yesterday..

    Spirited Away & Howl's Moving Castle is tied as well. Most inventive and imaginary story-wise..

    But the movie I could watch again and again is Kiki's Delivery..

    I like all of them really.

    My favourite character will be Pazu from Castle in the Sky and Markl from Howl..

    How about you?
    Ah fair enough ;) I certainly heard stories, of stuff...

    Yeah and Pancham and Pangoro :3 I personally like the mix of pokemon in the region, because it adds a bit of character me thinks.

    That it is! Like, not even 2 weeks!!!!!
    Haha, I love it more and more every day. Such a weird yet awesome Poke.
    Its 3D model is bound to look awesome! o 3o
    Hopefully it gets some added perks this time around.
    Oh, okay. Just thought I might share that for your surprise. I'm currently playing DQM I on this site. It's pretty cool.
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