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  • Hey, just wanted to drop by and show a bit of (late) gratitude for the friend invite the other day. I don't like to just accept invites and disappear.

    With that said, what's your take on XY so far, and which starter are you aiming for? Considering Greninja is real, that completely justifies my choice of Froakie.
    Speaking of which:


    This is a really good site to play classic video games. You just need to create an account in order to save your games.
    Ah man sounds a bit burhhh, lucky it was just talking... or have you heard... other stuff? :S

    That is what wanted too! Rock/Dragon Gargoyle would have worked so well in this region too, but alas, Tyrantrum is cool :)

    she has scary eyes and lips and face :S scary! Like a possessed doll...

    I was sceptical first, but after letting it sink in, I actually quite like Doublade! BUT I REALLY hope there is a third stage!
    no probs man, must have been hectic! How you finding it?

    Hmm, it kinda makes intuitive sense to me, like Dragons having regal connotations and dinosaurs sometimes described as the closest things to dragons in real life. I really like the typing- Dragon/Rock is something I've wanted for ages!! Outrage [imperial rage] is blates gonna be it's signature :) The beard is epic. Beards are epic full stop :D

    Yeah, that's how I was with Lana :p she is so scary looking though :O

    No problem at all dude :) hope you're enjoying college
    At first, I decidedly acknowledged Honedge as a standalone. Now that is has evolved -- strangely, despite the extra complexities to its design, I feel there is room for further maturity. But I fear for its evolution, though; either it will be merged well, or cluttered beyond good taste. "[Your design] stands upon the edge of a knife. Stray but a little, and it will fail, to the ruin of all."

    I've given you rep recently so this will have to do. :p
    I'm warming up to Quilladin's design thanks to those pity art it has gotten..

    I'm not liking Torminian to be honest.. I was really awe struck by its ambiguous appearance before.. But seeing it really its too plain if without its gimmicky fur..

    I like Sandlash as well. Do you think most of the Pokemon will be catchable this gen? Since it was mentioned from Polygon interview of Masuda that all Pokemon are attainable this gen..

    Oh so you like the good ol' Eevee eh?
    Hey! Definitely Tyrantrum lol I'm sure almost everyone wants it on their team now.. I'm still sticking with Chespin, although I dont like Quilladin much.. I think the final stage will be bada**; a paladin based Pokemon most likely. I also really like Pyroar (male) though I never was a fan of fire Pokemon being in my team.
    I hadn't actually seen what the thing looked like before- I'd only come across the wikipedia page for it whilst researching some stuff :p on second thoughts, appearance wise it seems nothing like that actually! Conceptually though, s'what I was thinking, I didn't realise it was a flying sheet of cotton! I thought it was an amorphous puff of cotton :p

    Ohh that could actually work you know :O I've always liked the bell Chimecho fake evo designs though :) but that would be pretty cool :O Psychic/Ghost type!

    The Fairy/Ice thing was pretty off the cuff :) I actually seeing it staying pure Fairy or becoming Fairy/Flying too :) I hope it gets Cotton Guard! I love that move!

    Hmmm, I could see it being kind of Xatu -like :) I sort of see it as being a little bit linked to their line in someways- as Xatu is like a seer/shaman and Spritzee is, s'got to be, a plague doctor- dunno how that's really a link but yeah :p

    Yah, I love the design- but it's not as tall as I thought it would be :( alas I'm not poke-size queen ;) They both look fantastic :) Tyrantrum looks SO fierce and that typing is amazing! I've never been so keen on the fossils before! I really hope to be able to trade with someone to get both :D maybe an ingame trade? I don't think they've ever done that with Fossils though :S

    I want it to become like a literal Water/Fire 'pistol shrimp' with a pistol for an arm and for it to be called Bangoustine :O that would make my year!

    Yah, it's so creepy, I don't like her but I can't stop listening :S
    Lolol, probably :p if not the from the fluffiness than it would lick you till you were covered in sugary saliva :p :p :p :p I think Fairy Floss may have been a now defunct term for Candy Floss elsewhere too, but it is still in use in Australia :) perhaps Swirlix could evolve into a Fairy/Ice type and incorporate 'icing sugar' into it's design? Hmm, even I haven't thought of that one!

    Spritzee has a LOT of potential, I look forward to it's potential evo/s [is it just me, or is there something intuitive about Swirlix and Spritzee only evolving once?] I hope it doesn't just end up some gawky flamingo as some people have theorized- I hope it actually does go a slightly more anthropomorphic route and incorporates the plague doctor thing- the who concept is creepy as hell for a pokemon! I dunno where they came up with that as a Fairy type! If that is what it is based on, but it must be, partially at least!

    I hope Amaura's evo is HUGE!! The biggest terrestrial pokemon! Titarctic? Titananosaurus + Arctic. With massive HP and Defense stats but a good attack and special attack too!

    Clauncher and Skrelp's evos excite me too! Clauncher's in particular; will it become the Water/Fire type that has been 6 generations coming?

    You like Lana Del Rey? I kinda got an addiction right now :p I feel like Parasect and she is that fungus!
    Ehh, they're going alright. I've been trying to make time for it, but other things keep popping up. I plan to work on them tonight, though. I've added another school to my list, so I'll have plenty to do as far as applications go.
    True. It's been a while since I've played anyway of the 1st gen games. Admittedly, BW and XY spoiled me as well, to be specific. But I really do need to check out DWM. Sounds fun.
    :S it is a thing of nightmares... that jaw, those scythes and spikes... [gulp]

    It is a nice touch, for the nostalgia factor I suppose- but it is a little weird I agree. I want as many newbies as possible too :D Amaura and Swirlix for sure! Mega evolving probably will feel quite epic- and a lot of people were asking for in battle evolution... I suppose we got it.

    That would be awesome! I could imagine it too- I think that's what the colouring is about- the rainbowy tinge. I love that thing, SO cute ;3
    Lol nope.. I may look slightly Mexican or more of a Korean or Japanese or Chinese but I'm from the Philippines..

    I'm hoping for the best for Chespin.. Froakie's second stage just stomp the other two.. Fennekin's second stage design looks good but as I said it isn't to my liking anymore.. But I'm still interested on its final form though..

    I dunno what I feel about the new dog.. It looks so promising when it was shown mysteriously but right now I don't really care for it. The scans is of low quality I can't even determine its appearance..

    You know what!? I didn't even took a closer look on the T-Rex poke.

    I've never really cared for Garchomp or any of the Pseudo legendary pokes.. I tend to not like overpowered ones..

    Raising Eeveelution is so much fun! I've managed to evolved my Espeon and Umbreon under the level of 2! :D

    Umbreon is really a tank Pokemon but it frustrates me to use stall oriented or pokemon that are on the supportive side of the spectrum.. I get so impatient with them when battling..

    Yeah Sylveon as pretty as it look doesn't do anything to me.. But yeah it maybe because I have not played with it yet..
    Sounds cool ;) I'm kind of scared of being underwater so that wouldn't suit me hehe :S

    Well, getting 2 starters is kinda crazy :p I might box the Kanto starter till after- I like all of them, but Squirtle was going to be my water type possibly. Plus it will give me a chance to try a Mega but I'm not that bothered about them tbh :L

    I think Chespin will come out quite sleek, like a pangolin. I kind of just empathise with Chespin, being teased for being chubs :S I think it's so cute though! I thought there would be some roundness at some point- with the whole chestnut thing. But I was possibly thinknig about a kind of chestnut-club tail... could be cool.
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