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  • Hey!

    What gave you the idea I'm from Mexico? Just curious.. :D

    Yes indeed. With the recent reveals I've completely changed my opinion on the starters. I am officially out of Fennekin's boat. I dislike it. I just hate the idea of it being bipedal and all.. I'm more looking forward to Froakie's final stage. The second stage looks sleek and cool as I want it to be.. Chespin though if it turn into something unexpected I might consider choosing him too however if it goes the Emboar way then that's a different story..

    Awe. The Llama-esque Pokemon turned out to be a species of dog! It seems like a gimmicky one too!

    Which fossil are you going to choose? I'm all for Amarusu. I like the Rock/Ice typing than Rock/Dragon but both are equally unique. I'm more of an Ice guy than dragon.. I don't like T-Rex as well..

    I also love the Psychic cat! I don't like cats but I don't really care for them but the male Nyaonikusu is so cool and mischievous looking! I don't even mind if its on the supportive role..

    Mega Garchamp and Mega Mewtwo X are both hideous. They're like a last minute addition..

    Oh about the Eeveelutions. Yup been raising an Eeveelution team since GSC days.. I love it! But my favourite out of them is Vaporeon. Next are Jolteon and Espeon. Followed by Glaceon and Leafeon. My least ones are Umbreon and Flareon. Though I'm warming up to Umbreon. Flareon because it really sucks! Shame on GF for not giving it Flare blitz to take full advantage of its monstrous attack! I'm still waiting to try Sylveon but for now I don't get the excitement to it..

    Oh and I'm thinking of changing my username to Amemoth since I'd like to give a dedication to Masquerain but we'll see..
    whoa sorry I didn't get back dude! I'm not used to getting many messages :p

    Thanks :) I'm a bit of an amateur entomologist really- well I zoologist actually, I love all animals :D

    Hmmm I wasn't quite clear till today on which starter :) but I think I'm going to go for Chespin! Also I defo want Swirlix- other than that I'm not too sure- maybe squirtle, Noivern and Sylveon

    How about you dude?
    Mega Absol's wing like fur is what makes it more appealing..

    Yup. I prefer insects with wings rather than arachnid like critters..

    I've never been anywhere out of California.. Except when we long drive to San Francisco and if we go back to my country for vacation.. Which rarely happen..
    If the Llama Pokemon grows a pair of wings then that would make it epic!

    Unless there is a much cuter bug than Vivillon its definitely on my team..

    Hey I'm from SD. Why? Are you from Cali too?
    Lol that would be disappointing! I'm hoping that the rumored Ice Wolf would turn out true!!

    Definitely! The mystery Pokemon is quite an eye catcher. It may potentially be strong! Hopefully it gets revealed soon!

    Yeah I've noticed that too! I do love gender differences it makes the game more real.. Like I love how obvious Unfezant's gender difference.. I hope Vivillon get this treatment too!
    Masquerain's move set is already amazing.. It doesn't need a revamp.. It already learns more Water attack than Flying attack.

    Masquerain is currently my favourite out of the Pokemon up to Gen V. Let see if we'd get a much cooler bug this gen..

    I'm so keeping an eye for the rumored bug lunar moth.. Volcanora is too powerful for me to like and it evolves so late!

    Butterfree holds a sentiment because of the original gen but out of butterfly inspired Pokemon I like Beautifly more. Mothim is nice though the dull color pattern is abit unappealing. I'm waiting to try on using Vivillon to see how it flares up!

    I'm not a big fan of bugs in real life but they're ok..
    Yeah I'd hate to see Fokko become bipedal! I'd hate it! Froakie and Chespin though are alright to be bipedal.. Yeah I'm going to hold on to their final stage before my definite starter.. But for now, Fokko won me over followed by Froakie..

    Yeah I've seen that fanart before.. It looks cool but hopefully if GF decided to create one I'd want it to have qualities of water like subtle mist around it or changed of color, more on vibrant blue.. I also hope it gets re-type as Bug/Water..

    I generally like bugs.. I dunno why I just have a liking for them.. I used to play mono-bug type on some of my games..

    Some of the rumored bug types sounded so great especially the moon/moth one and the bug/fairy. I wish we get some cool looking bug for this gen..

    I would want a bug/ice though..

    I never liked strong bugs though the likes of Volcanora and Scizor..

    I tend to like butterfly looking ones moreso than ferocious.
    For now, my planned team consist of Fokko, Skrelp and Scatterbug. I'm having a second thought about Fennekin though, I'm very curious to see Froakie's final evolution because I'm all up for a ninja/samurai inspired Pokemon.. The disappointment of Oshawott turning into a quadrupedal creature still baffles me! So I'm waiting for the final evo to get a definite idea whose going to be my starter..

    I'm liking Absol and Mawile so I'm considering them both for a slot but then again I'd want my team of new pokes. Of course, if Surskit ends up in the local Kalos dex then it definitely have a slot on my team!

    Here's me still waiting, praying and hoping for Mega Masquerain! I would literally be a happy camper if this would ever happen! I LOVE bug types even though most of them are terrible. Masquerain is such a unique Bug Pokemon as it has an excellent movepool! Hopefully it gets Megafied so it can render its mediocre stat..

    No worries dude! It happens to me sometimes.. XD
    Hopefully! I've always wanted a good buffing for Masquerain so I truly wish it gets Mega Evolution!

    So what are you planning to choose for your starter? Any planned team yet?
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