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wolf king
Last Activity:
Apr 28, 2016
Aug 11, 2010
Likes Received:
Team rockets secret hideout
paper round at the moment

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wolf king

Resistance is futile, from Team rockets secret hideout

wolf king was last seen:
Apr 28, 2016
    1. Cosmic Fury
      Cosmic Fury
      Just to keep you updated: TRC is coming together and should be opening up somewhat soon.
    2. Cosmic Fury
      Cosmic Fury
      As it seems that we've not gotten a chance to talk yet, let me introduce myself. I am Cosmic Fury, a long-time associate of Battlestar's. I was a very high-ranking leader in the same TRC that we had over at Smogon, when the groups were around. At its peak, it had 540+ members. I myself ran a group of my own, that had 221 members within the two months of its existence. In addition, I've helped run many organizations both here in Serebii and at Smogon for a couple years now, and my friends here can assure you that my reputation as a leader remains largely untarnished.

      As you are aware, we were looking for a while for a third person to balance out our leadership skills and styles, for when we open up TRC here on Serebii -- in the form of a Pokemon Guild. You seem to be Battlestar's choice, but since I'm not familiar with you, I figured I should get to know you so that we can end up working well together.

      As such, I've prepared a few questions for you, so that I can get to know what kind of a person and leader you are. This will determine how I set up up TRC for success. Please note that if you run into a question that you find difficulty answering, just skip over it. It only takes a couple of them being answered for me to get to know the sort of person I'm working with.

      1. How would you run TRC, if you were its only leader?
      2. How often do you visit these forums? How long are you typically online at a time?
      3. Do you have leadership experience? (From RL and anywhere on the internet, not just Serebii.)
      4. Have you been in any Pokemon clans/guilds/groups before? If so, what position do/did you hold?
      5. What sort of leader do you consider yourself to be? How do you deal with other people in general?


      Thanks in advance for your time, and should you be worthy of joining our ranks as a leader of TRC, I welcome you into the fold.

      ~Cosmic Fury
    3. leafme
      its not my fault giovanni entrusted him to me just cause im giovannis favorite
    4. Sworn Metalhead
      Sworn Metalhead
      Your order is ready over at my shop.
    5. leafme
      well duh its adorable isnt it
    6. leafme
      what did i do?
    7. Minedreigon
      Actually, how do you centre banners?
    8. leafme
      thanks wolf king my banner is center now
    9. Battlestar
      Also I have a couple banners already for us. These banners also don't need to hav credit given. I kind of hate how a lot of people are picky that we have to give credit. Because honestly, serious guilds like us should have just the banner itself and not a sentence underneath.
    10. Battlestar
      Mind you, we won't be able to get them all here. We want to recruit here actually. But we just want you to know we are capable of huge amounts of recruitment.
    11. wolf king
      wolf king
      Hey Fairy witch (it wont let me VM or PM you so hopefully you'll see this) sure thing i'll change it now. I actually had it linked before but i edited my sig and accidently removed the code. Iv'e added it back now so if you click the userbar it lead to your shop :).
    12. FairyWitch
      just warning make sure please to give me credit for my userbar i hate giving out strikes but its part of my rules..thank you...
    13. Battlestar
      That was just here, on smogon we had about 500+. So we know a lot of this type of stuff. Together I don't know how we can lose ;)
    14. Battlestar
      Hi there, thanks for the friendship request. I saw your vm Convo am glad to see there is more TR fans :)

      Funny enough, I use to lead the biggest group/clan on smogon, it of course was a team rocket group. I don't know if you knew a group called Team Rocket Corporation, but we also had a base here and at our height had over 125 members.

      I am talking with an associate of mine and we actually are also going to be starting a guild soon. It being a Team Rocket one. I think it may be the best for us to team up. My friend and I are both extremely knowledgable in this type of thing and I assume you are too. I can only imagine how unstoppable we would be if we team up. Interested?
    15. leafme
    16. leafme
      um yes but just battling i just had to look up what ev training was
    17. leafme
      yes and only one Battlestar
    18. Cassafrass1999
      Awww, well thanks! The next chapter should be up soon... not sure exactly when, but definitely soon... ;)
    19. Teapot
      Sweet! Would you be keeping those shinies for yourself, or would you use them for trade? Personally, I'd keep them since they'd be special!
    20. Teapot
      I know, right? I've actually never found a shiny by myself, and I so want that charm!

      I'm probably just gonna ask for dex fillers in return for the random pokemon that I breed. I've also started breeding for egg moves and flawless ness :p
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    Team rockets secret hideout
    paper round at the moment
    Favourite Pokémon:
    im 16 and live in scotland

    the sofa, my laptop, gardening, drawing and photography