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  • My laptop is broke wont be back for a while yet (I am using a diff comp atm) will be back hopefully real soon still trying to get my part for my laptop I need to fix it.
    Okay im back woot. Sry bout the delay my comp when I got back keeps giving me a database error for this site so.... finally got on today lol will be sending pms out asap to the peeps I had trades with and once again sry for the delay >.<
    To all my friends and people I am trading with. I just found out last night I have to go out of town. I will be back on monday. So to the people I am trading with I will return on monday for trades I plan to finish them.
    had to crash dude, send me a pm with your online times (now that my shifts have changed will need to find a good time for us both). l8rs
    the only possible shiny events are if the pokemons set as shiny or you get into a random encounter with a stationary legend like getting a pass for a boat to take to an island to capture mew which iis a japanese event only so the only shiny mew that exists are japanese ones
    your welcome, to make the pokes shiny nintendo sets the pokemon in a certain fasshion so if you find a shiny VCG milotic ( a shiny event) with a wrong nature its a hack
    likewise, if an event has a pokemon that can not change its nature ,and is not shiny if its shiny or has a different natture, its a hack. So make sure everything matches up with the ID
    Alright Finals are done and earlier than expected yay..... lol ill be more active starting tommorrow.
    For those trading wih me I am sorry that I am not active I have finals for the next 2 weeks I will try to be on when I can but if the trade is delayed im sorry for this inconvience >.<
    I need a male rattata with the egg moves counter and reversal
    I also need a male buneary with fire,ice, and thunder punch with fake out or encore
    I will get you these if you want as well , and whenever i need an item i can just call on you , if that is alright
    There we go. Hope I spelled the name right, let me know if it needs fixing. Couldn't really go back and check with the lag.

    Otherwise, enjoy the Charmander.
    Actually made the baby now.
    If you're still around, I can trade it (along with the Charizard) back to you.

    Edit: If you can trade now, just meet me in the Wi-Fi Club (will be in there for a bit) since the site is lagging so bad it's impossible to respond.
    Sounds good to me.
    May not be able to get it done for you tonight, though, since it's getting late and I may not get adamant nature in the time I have right now.
    Hopefully I should be able to get it back to you tomorrow.

    You using Diamond again, or should I add in one of the other two?
    What kinds of moves are we talking about here? Egg moves and TMs aren't a problem, but if you're wanting evolution moves I won't be able to get them since I won't have a female with the moves wanted.
    Otherwise, I'll gladly do it. There are a few TMs I'm really looking for right now for a breeding project I'm working on for myself. If you have either TMs 29, 30, or 86 any of them would be a big help.
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