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  • Aww thanks!

    Omg I'm so proud of you even though I'm technically younger than you but still go my friends and be successful in life with your munees!
    I'm happy you like it! It's basically just a strange sh*tpost/brainfart fusion I came up with while playing White for the second time so it loterally is just a bit of fun.

    Idfk I think this place has become my heart and soul.
    I appreciate that positive response!

    Seriously though damn it makes me happy that you're this enthusiastic how did this happen
    Pokken is indeed trash. I can see where the appeal lies but I'm just really not a fan. I mean, they put Decidueye in instead of Incineroar, when Incineroar is an actual wrestler?

    We can't have nice things because stupid people leak things on the internet and release games early. It's not our choice, but life apparently is out for everyone.

    I'm the same, but with IronWillShipping. MY TWO CUTIES OH MY GOD YOU'RE SO ADORABLE-

    Just play me the old Scooby Doo theme from the original animations (not the sh*ttier new ones) and I'll be sitting there practically saying with nostalgia. That show made up my life when I was younger.

    Oh I hope to Arceus that the games aren't leaked again. My whole SM experience was ruined last time. This game makes me happy, since I'll finally be able to play Alola blind if I get lucky enough! At the very least, I get another chance to.

    You don't know how pissed me and my one friend interested in Pokemon were when SM was released five days late in Europe. And thus, you also don't know how much I punched the air with happiness when I saw the wide release.

    Firstly, I spotted that Scooby Doo reference! God that show was my childhood.

    Secondly, I got kinda pissed at Pokken taking up so much time too. We didn't even see new characters...
    Pokken is just boring as heck. When I first saw that as an announcement I literally sighed with disappointment, but continued anyways because I had the smallest hope that there would be something else. Then I began freaking out the moment the ad was continuing, showcasing Alola.

    But seriously we gotta appreciate that WIDE RELEASE FOR THE 3DS, I won't have to dodge spoilers and playthroughs online this time! unless another f*cker decides they're gonna leak footage

    I might do Shipping art too, who knows? We can be trashlords together. I've always said that the Pokemon most like me is Shiny Garbodor - it's an utter piece of trash, but it's a special piece of trash regardless.
    I was ready to cry until the Pokken video shut up and showed me the SM protag wearing different clothes. Just hoooooly f*ck I still haven't gotten over the sudden adrenaline burst I got.

    I sometimes enjoy drawing Pokemon, but not always. Like you, I much prefer drawing characters. I'd love to see some new characters or even characters with revamped designs in UsUm because then I'd have more drawing material... and also simply OH MY GOD THESE NEW GAMES-
    I wanted both Sinnoh and Alola equally so I was perfectly chill with it... if perfectly chill is freaking out with excitement. They did very well to mask the fact that these games were being announced by having Pokken tournament show up first in the stream. I felt really disappointed, bringing my mood down, then suddenly they made it shoot straight back up again out of nowhere. Now that's a marketing strategy that works. but still AAAAAAAAAAAA-

    Sounds logical. I'm personally waiting until the next trailer so I hopefully have something new to draw that isn't as ridiculously complicated as the two Necrozma/Box Legendary forms. They're absolutely badass but I don't think I have enough skills to draw it.
    I would talk about Wallace and Steven and N and all those amazing characters daily if I actually had a person I could talk to irl about them. Alas, I am I sad human being.

    Ok, sounds awesome!
    Same though same. Although I can do that about 500 different characters across Fiction and at least twenty are from Pokemon so I don't think it's super impressive for me. BUT WALLACE IS JUST A SMOL BEAN WHO DESERVES ALL THE LOVE IN THE WORLD AND HIS PERFECT SMOL BEAN FRIEND-

    Oh my god I'm looking forward to it so much!

    Btw, did you see my only ongoing story on ff.net? Tano Platinum took a bit of a hiatus thanks to lack of motivation to write it, but I'll get on top of it at some point.
    Honestly that PSA is important. Like really important. Wallace love :3

    Ok, that sounds fine!

    Oooh, yay! That's great to hear :D

    I'm thinking I really should post all my fics I've been working on here on ff.net as well, but I really can't be bothered right now :p
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