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  • Masuda Method? Or the regular way--damn, that's lucky. xD

    It'd be super duper awesome if I hatched a shiny Caterpie today! I can't reply after this, sorry, I'm going on a road trip and I'm not gonna be back until Monday. c:
    You got a shiny Caterpie!? : D AWESOME. Random or chained?

    Argh;; I wish I could at least chain 'em. I don't have Fire Red. =__= I'm hatching them casually at the moment, imagine if I got one too! : D
    Isn't it great? I never thought this day would come... Have they had a Darkrai event yet? I can't remember. And i wonder if there will be any special events for the new HG/SS games. Then again, even if there are any planned, they probably won't be for a while.... :(

    Hmm... In recent news, i now live on my own! I live in a 1-bed flat now and not w/my parents! Lovin it!

    And maybe you'll get the prize, but what about me? Do i get one as well? From what your message said, i guess not, lol!

    If you wanna stay in touch more you can always email or text me, i don't mind... Also, i'm in Belfast maybe every other weekend... ;)
    Oh, yeah! Wouldn't miss it! You gonna do the usual trick? Any idea if Scott is going? It'll be good to see ya both again, lol! ٩:)̮̮̃:̃)۶
    I've just got my cockatiel, Echo, at the moment. I'd love to get a budgie or two (that's what I was originally going to get but I kind-of impulse bought Echo ^^) but I don't think my landlord/housemates would be too impressed. I do have a list of birds I want to get in the future, though. Hope you find what you want! That's a nice mixture your considering.

    Hehe, good luck on your chaining! Easiest bird I find to get is just Starly on the starting route- small area, but its encounter rate is good. Beyond that, swarms, anything you can use Static/Magnet Pull on or just routes with large patches of grass? Sorry, I'm bad at giving suggestions. xD

    (I don't mind! I like talking to new people, I'm just awful at approaching them myself. ^^)
    Yep, birds are awesome and if you like them then you're clearly awesome as well. *Nods*

    Thanks for the congrats! I'll admit I never expected to get this far in getting them all shiny, and I've been really lax the past few months. But I'm excited about getting Ho-oh shiny. Love that phoenix.

    I am...good. Very good. Just had a nice day doing absolutely nothing because I'm a slob. xD You?
    For a second there I wasn't sure which bird you were referring to. xD /needs to pay attention. Thank you. ^^
    I know I'm not the worst drawer in the world, but even I get those really down times where I just don't find anything I draw satisfactory. I've actually just come out of one that lasted nearly a whole year (blame my art teacher at school last year), and since then I've been improving steadily.

    I did change skills and styles as I grew, yeah. The progress memes on dA are actually helpful in the sense that the ages and skill changes on every single one is different. It just goes to show that you CAN get better without taking 5 years to do so. I'm going to make one of my own some time this week as well. Maybe you should do one too? :3

    And the whole "you get better with age" thing is bullcrap. I found that out years ago when I saw people my age, who had no experience with art whatsoever, suddenly pull incredible drawings outta their butt, yet years later I still fall behind. You can't practise the same thing over and over without changing something and expect to get better; you need to observe your drawings, other peoples' drawings, their anatomy, techniques, etc. etc. stuff you've prolly already heard. 8D

    Wow and you thought your post was long! o:
    I haven't seen snow fall my entire life, so I'd love to trade locations for like a week. *o*

    I was contemplating between Ice Fang and Aqua Tail. I found all the attempted poses so difficult, but I've managed to settle with a pose that suits Aqua Tail. c:

    It's gonna be shiny, too. >:3
    I'd SR for Ho-oh, but I don't have the motivation to really do it on SoulSilver. I'd rather SR a different Pokemon instead. ;D

    I hacked for a shiny Rayquaza a few years back and he really grew on me, so hunting for a legit one is sort of my way of "getting him back". ^^

    AND YES BUG POKEMON ARE AWESOME. :'D Bugs and birds tend to be my favourite Pokemon. I also seem to wind up getting a decent amount of shiny bugs, too. Lol.

    It is 6:10pm at the moment. It doesn't get dark 'till about half eight 'cos of Daylight Savings. >3 I'm spending the evening spriting a Totodile for this week's WSC~
    I tried really, really hard for that Flygon. I was thrilled when I got it! n__n

    Maybe SR a legendary later on, then? Lugia/Ho-oh, Groudon/Kyogre, Suicune? C:

    My next hunts are gonna be Rayquaza, Spiritomb and Palkia. ^^
    Holy crud!? We haven't talked since way back then!? D:

    Y-yeah. I've found alot. >3>
    Jus' look at the Late 2009 part. Those shinies were obtained from August onwards...
    Since then, I've also chained two Lickitung, one Shellos, and gotten that lovely Totodile. ;D

    Why not try a starter hunt on HGSS? o:
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