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  • It's a darn shame Charizard doesn't get much attention these days. :/ He's still a badass pokemon, even if he's no good in competitive play.
    Yea, bringing back Charizard was a good idea. >,> I was wondering what happened to him...
    Ah, I see. Speaking of XY, I have a good feeling it'll be one of the best games/anime seasons/manga arcs in the series. But that's just me. >.<
    Heh, same here. I kinda want to restart my file of White though, but I've got 300+ Pokemon to trade over to Black2... And I'm very lazy.
    You never mentioned it (I think ._.), but I figured he was. I like Volkner too (he's my 3rd favourite gym leader - <3)! ^^ I mainly go underground just to find evolving stones these days - though it normally takes an hour for me to find ONE Leaf Stone. >.>
    Ah, I see. Platinum's one of my fave Pokemon games... I love Giratina. <3 You're not missing out on much, though. The previous games are kinda... well, boring (with the exception of Ruby).
    Ah, Ive had more pathetic reasons for shipping people. >.> The absolute only reason I support SoulShipping (Morty/Sabrina) is because they're my two favourite gym leaders…
    Phew. Talk about a decisive shift in my focus thus far. I ended up coming up with a special scenario of sorts for ending Pokémon in Unova, giving Cilan and Iris expanded roles alongside Rosa and Nate. A few of the other Wishfulshippers already know about it, if it helps. Are you doing well in your corner of the world?
    Hmm... Speaking of outside challenges, it would appear that my decision to watch Cardcaptors' original Japanese version this week had a bit of subconscious timing attached to it, given that season premiere. Here's the pertinent quote from Equestria Daily.:

    Here's a challenge for you, if you choose to embark on a long and historic analysis.... :)

    Watch Puella Magi Madoka Magica (in its original Japanese, if possible), as this show is pretty much en par with Higurashi in terms of epic dark and intelligent storytelling. Then once you're done, gather the courage to watch it's ancestral inspiration, the original Card Captor Sakura (definitely the Japanese version on this one). You might find that CCS and MLP:FiM have TONS in common (despite CCS being over 10 years older), and shows like Higurashi and PMMM are not unlike our grimdark fanfics that try to bring more angst and drama to our pony's lives.

    Not to say that's always a bad thing (dark stories serve their purpose too), but I do agree that overdoing them seems to reflect rather poorly on our society, especially in light of compelling and intelligent shows that still manage to retain their innocence. ^^;
    It may be safe to assume that my mind will be quite busy this upcoming week. Do you mind if I asked what your favorite manga is, by any chance?
    Hehe. Good evening once more. I think you'd be very surprised at just how neatly those past Japanese cartoons pointed me to the cartoon now predominant in my memory. As it happens, it's scheduled to have its third season premiere... this upcoming Saturday. Are you doing well at the start of this week?
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