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  • Well, move-sets should be ignored for the time being for the Aura. The Aura is more an inate ability, in relation to the ability of the pokemon kinda.

    The Aura shouldn't be thought in terms of "moves' but what the pokemon's being stands for. Rayquaza is the titan of the sky, and as I said, weather does not really affect him.

    What does Rayquaza do? What does it stand for? What, if anything, does legend say this Pokemon can manipulate? Those questions are could for considering the Aura.

    An example of this would be Articuno, who is said to freeze the moisture around it. Thus Articuno creates blizzards with every flap of its wings.

    Knowing Articuno can do this, a valid Aura would be the ability to cool the air around it, to possibly freezing temperatures so that the Aura can create "ice" to use.

    That is what I want the Aura to be, a simple ability of the Legendary-turned-human, movesets might come later into the RPG, who knows? Starting off however, you only have the Aura.
    Don't worry, take your time. If you need an extension I might be able to give you one valid on the reasoning.

    Well, what is Rayquaza known for in the game lore?

    It is unaffected by the weather conditions, is able to calm Groudon or Kyogre with ease, so perhaps it can cancel out weather affects or "calm" the weather conditions.

    Rayquaza is also known for always being up high into the ozone, and rarely comes to to ground unless resting briefly upon the sky tower. It is very territorial, and considered one of the most powerful pokemon in existence.
    yo, i just looked in trainer absences: IC is out until the 23rd or 24th. You want to await his inevitable return, or apply for another new ref?
    I'm changeing my account to something else seeing as how this one is way to hard to log into, I haven't been able to get on it in a long *** time, so I'm just giveing u my New Username: Garmeil
    Hehe... Sure... That makes two... And if Dante tries to touch the necklace, he may end up deep with the confines of an evil prison...
    I think that might be the first time I hade to lengthen my message... but it is a stupid rule. What does it matter if I put '1' on someone's page?
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