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  • XD Well my mother never knew when I was.

    D: (I won't kill you) that sucks you gotta wait until christmas. :/
    Yay! :D I remember the night over one summer I was up at 2 in the morning chatting with ya. xD My friend and my sister kept telling me to go to bed. xD

    So aside from lots of school, how have you been?
    Makes sense, school can be troublesome. :/

    Yeah... *Knew this before any of the others in our group* I miss everyone too. :/ I only really talk to Drac n' VS, I haven't seen SS or Ezz in forever, I've talked to code like, once or twice recently, and I honestly don't know what's happened to Toob, we've just stopped talking actively. >_>
    I've been good, been working on a team for Wifi Battles. :)

    Yeah.........DJ..... >_> *Knows something* - I'm not sure if SS comes on any more, if he does I haven't seen 'im.
    Look back please. D: I was a Zorua, you was a trainer, I accidently devolved your Panpour and there's no Water Stone anymore etc. Please look back ,then you remember! Dx
    Aww, we'd probably end up forever-expanding the list. :)

    Aww, we all do that. But what I think is that, although we do those things, we need to remember that our judgements of a person doesn't really constitute that person, and try to see them as they really are.
    Okay...who'd be on this Webpage?

    Drac, DJ, Bekidding, Ezzpeon, Code...Ah...good times... ^^

    Although, it's good to be wary in some situations

    I'll be done sometime; basically, my speech is on 'not judging others,' so my moral compass wants for me to have completely and entirely conquered this issue in my own life before I do it..but..erm..I think I'll try to make a point that we CAN'T stop judging people entirely. *sigh*
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