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  • Ahah, this is true.. :)


    I tend to think the worst

    Aww, a lot of people have to deal wiht it; honestly, be glad I'm strong enough to understand, at some level. :)

    Okie doke, I'll PM it to you soon! :D
    Aww, well, we all miss you tons, and hearing from you is really nice. :)


    Me too...but I checked the obituary for her town, and no one named Jocelyn's died. So, no worries there. I just hope she's doing well emotionally.

    Aww, thanks. ^^

    I'm writing a speech on how we see others now. I have almost all of it done now, so, I could show you sometime... :)
    I miss you! :)

    How are you Wolfie?

    Also...well...Ezz hasn't been on for a month. D:

    Ooh, and I got a Da, it's just Toobworm, if you wanna check it out. :)
    I'm doing good! I just got back form a two-night trip to San Antonio, which is this big city in South texas. My parents are retiring in a few years, and they're considering moving to that area. ^^
    Hey Wolfie. I need to have a post from you that says that I'm allowed to take over HL to start the second season. You probably told me that I was allowed to take over Hl in a PM, which I probably deleted.
    So, would you help me please?^-^
    Dangit, I missed you by a few hours...

    Please reply, it'd be nice to know how you're doing. :/
    Hurrrrr I never come on serebii either. Only a little often now and then. It seems most of my friends who I really like either don't come on much or I have other ways of contacting them.
    Aww...I don't have photoshop, I use GIMP. :3

    It works well for me... it suits my needs. xD

    I started making banners for my shop, by the way. :D
    Yay lessons and homework...........that's yay, right? xD

    Cool, I tried doing that once, I quit while I wasn't making a mockery of myself. >_< Can't remember what the dream even was anymore.
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