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  • Ok first thing, so i know you respond back, rpely in my VMs when replying to me.

    Anyway, my friend is almost done. He's gonna finish it tommorow at school (hes in England no holiday) I already made the top part. A glowing text saying Pokefusions Lab! with some pokefusions near it. i'll let you in on more later!
    No problem!
    The eggs take way too long! My friend and I are makin a site like that but instead its pokefusion eggs. Hes making the site itself and im doing the spriting. I might give you some spoliers to. ;)
    Thanks for the spelling.
    Yeah I clicked one of those egg things once and i saw that Poke'Farm thing so I'm was like, Cool! I'll sign up! But then my old account got auto deleted.
    Then I saw your Pokemon in your sig, clicked and decided to make a new account!
    So...yep,pretty much.
    Hey whats up?

    also on your shop its spelled tommorow.

    Never knew you got a Pokefarm til I clicked your egg and saw who it was (you were mentioned in my PM saying I refered you there)
    Congratulations! Shiny Cyndaquil among three starters and in 400SRs is an awesome and incredibly lucky feat :p
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