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  • I think it's a fine concept and the games are going to be tremendous. If people are stupid enough to complain about every detail and ruin the games for themselves, that's their problem.
    Yeah, that's my profile. I used to be a frequent poster on there, but I eventually ended up losing interest going there, since I lost interest in the Sonic comic franchise and Sonic in general. Eventually I only posted in their misc threads, and then stopped going altogether.
    I'm used to RPG's cuz I play Kingdom Hearts a lot. And Megaman games are easy because all you gotta do is shoot and cut stuff!

    uh well... that's too bad...
    ok... megman games are easy for me and come on, who doesn't like mario & luigi stuff!

    i'm not into kirby that much but the idea that you suck something into your mouth and get armor for it is cool. so how are you holding up with your social life?
    You're not going to a show on Broadway because of some imaginary pandemic thousands of miles away? That is madness.
    hadn't heard that song in a while ^_^

    Well atleast you can surf faster in Platinum I guess. I get lots of different games like megaman and mario games but you should get some more games instead of playing diamond, pearl, and platinum ya know.
    But there's always Arnold Palmer lemonade-related products to fill the void Paul left. Personally, I'm more concerned about the salad dressing.

    And I'm a guy. Doesn't my profile say that? And now, I have to ask you the same question. So? Also, is Prof. Oak still doing the beginning questions-thing? I haven't played Platinum yet or Diamond/Pearl in awhile, so I've forgotten. If he is, he needs to give it up already.

    No, I haven't read that. Sorry. I think the newest book I've read was The Da Vinci code, a decision I regret to this day.

    And yes, I'm aware that this conversation will never end. Definitely not the first of its sort I've had, though. I pretty much always respond to visitor messages unless I can't or I put off responding until I forget, and, if I later remember it, it's too late to continue.

    But what's all this I keep hearing about you not being the bee's knees in real life? You seem amiable enough. (and yes, everyone hates visitor message character limits)
    Well, there are, but men in tight pants aren't necessarily what I'd call a bonus. But you'd be surprised at how much spamming there actually was, considering our opponent for that particular game. Actually pretty funny in retrospect.

    A field trip to see a play is about togetherness, now? That's a new one. Anyway, the entire world is full of tools, if you just look around a bit. And that's exactly how school is preparing you for the real world; you're surrounded by tools. But you're right about not winning. They reproduce like the fricking ****ens, so no matter how many you kill, there are always two more to take their place.

    You don't talk that much. In fact, I have seen people who talk more than you. True story. But as for myself, I haven't done anything lately that you'd want to hear about. ): Sorry.
    Well, you can, but I hardly ever use it. And I happen to like this new-fangled system. =[

    Completely different, indeed. I actually had the opportunity to see Spamalot awhile back, but opted to play a football game instead. Man, I regret that decision.

    Sounds fun to me. My class did something similar once, though not on Broadway. Now that was a disaster. It basically just wound up with a bunch of kids wearing fancy clothes running amok in the city. Maybe you should try that instead; sounds more entertaining to me.
    Damn thats a lot... and no I didn't get Platinum.

    you had to sing in front of a crowd? that's kind of... hard. I'm Christian but even if we gotta sing it's not like I'm gonna raise my hand or something. Well good luck for you partner.
    Indeed they are. Though from that list, I've still never seen Airplane!. And then there are the series like The Pink Panther and Monty Python (sort of a series...), which some of the all-time greatest movies. And then theaters. Last time I went, I put down twenty bucks on a ticket, popcorn, and soda before I even knew what hit me. And the punk at the counter wouldn't even give me a refill.

    Oh, man, wolverines rule. There are only a handful of animals that are better than them, like bears and manatees. Kudos to you.
    Well, it's a definite... slight possibility.

    And I can't enjoy discussing politics, but I do like money. Not sure about discussing it, though. As for movies, though, most of the ones I like are older comedies. =[ We just can't win here.

    Yeah, Zeppelin rules. I'm a huge fan of most of the music of that generation, though, including The Beatles. It just so happened that I was wearing a Led Zeppelin shirt when I registered here, and nothing's changed since. And yes, Led Zeppelin is magical.
    Oh, hi. tbh, I don't think I've seen you around, at least not much. :x But hello anyway, as it were.

    Anything I can do for you?
    It's pretty much the same thing for me with all the testing and graduation and stuff. So are you nervous about high school cuz I am... a little.
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