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  • awesome thanks again for helping me out! my pokepal group is way excited to have some new pokemon to work with! i'm still looking for a suicine, celibi, and jirachi on my dex. hit me up if you still need anything!
    i'm going to be playing pretty much all night so i'll check the trade room from time to time with some good tms and a dragonite just for you!
    Sweet! Dex data on Ho-oh and Latias for your Thunderbolt! Thats awesome, I'm actually EVing a genderless poke so it can't learn T-bolt by TM. When you wanna trade??
    i've got some icebeam, shadowball, dark pulse, thunderbolt, and most of the other plat. tms. i haven't really used any of mine from that game yet. hit me back!
    that's awesome man. you wouldn't happen to have a ho-oh or latias i can get on my pokedex would you? i can give you something for the trouble!!!
    Hello! I'm looking for any level staryu or starmie, I can give you a feebas, or anything you need I might have. =)
    Hey there, I'm an Irish Pokemon player looking to meet up with other Irish players, I was just wondering if you wanted to be part of the Irish club I'm trying to get going. Before you completely ignore me, I'm no noob trying to spam you. I've been playing Pokémon since the beginning and recently partook in the Pokemon Video Game Championship in London coming in the top 20. So just let me know by PM if you'd be interested in joining my club, us Irish have to stick together ^_^
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