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  • Ahh. I should be done with the 14th chapter sometime in July or August, depending on how well my ideas flow in my head. xD I'm not writing at the moment, though--taking a few days off to rejuvenate. Should get back into it tomorrow at the earliest, Thursday by the latest.
    The story is going pretty well; it's an Action-OT Fanfiction, and it's coming along better than any story i've written here thus far. xD It's only on the 9th chapter, though, but I plan to release it after I finish the 14th chapter.
    That's great. XD I've been on my first college visit in April with three of my friends (we went to Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Michigan) and it was really educational and exciting. The tour of the campus was fantastic. Although I have set my eyes primarily on either University of Michigan in Ann Arbor or Michigan State University in the state's capital, Lansing. xD Ryano feels old.
    XDDD Yeah; most time when I first log, I'll check my e-mail, then my mom/dad/sister gets on immediately afterwards. But yeah, I've been good. Got back into writing again.

    But aside from that, trying to look for a job (preparing for senior year) and doing some AP Chemistry homework. Gahh. o_o
    I do have other family members in my household, that live with me, that log onto my America Online account. xD I barely use that thing anymore except for checking my mail. It has gotten annoying to me. o.o
    Alright. You'll definetly have to explain that in-fic though, to avoid confusion. That's actually very interesting, the cement thing.

    Hm. Ever think that maybe a foreign government might work, attempting to use the various "Rockys" as super soldiers?
    It sounds quite interesting. There's alot of potential plot wise, but the only thing that might be considered unusual is that the constant exposure to radiation from 'Rocky' would eventually end up killing the main protagonist. What about the antagonists, if you have any in mind?
    Yeah, we were joking around. We called it the "Writer's Cult", and if you look way back towards the beginning of the Group's existance, you'll find some really bad jokes about cults and the like.

    XD Yeah Wonsab, we honest to god would use writers to take over the forum. If we actually tried, we'd use the Games section. *grins*
    It's a Social Group thing, we just talk about stories and useful techniques. Occasionally, a new writer comes in to ask for advice. At one point, me and duncan we're going to use it to take over the forums, but the idea panned out.
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