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  • Wordy, look, I know you haven't been on for a long time.
    And I figured you've had your own business so I've left it be for a few weeks.
    But when you get a chance, drop a line will you?
    Hell, even just somewhere else I can reach you will help. Starting to get worried.
    Fabulous. Enjoy my current exhaustion.

    We have X/Y moving models already? That didn't take long.

    God, I'm starting to feel slightly old. Even if it is only the 4th anniversary.

    The understatement of the month.

    Makes you want to... shake? I don't think that can be qualified as dancing.

    Ah, in that case, not really. I don't really stay abreast of too much music to be honest, I'm just too busy with life, which may or may not be crushing me under its own weight right now.
    I kinda figured when all 'you' were doing was playing Mario and Face Blaster or whatever.
    Lol, my second DS has bug too. Ladyba and Illumise. Totally useless.
    I thought that was my sorrow. Do you just feed off my emotions in general?
    Can't deny that, love it the more I listen to it.

    Mariah Carey is still a thing? God. No.

    Yeah, definitely can't deny it, but it's fun. I'm ok with it. I dunno, image is part of it, it's inextricably tied to her. When I look at an artist, I try to look at the whole picture. Which is one of the many reasons I don't get people who like the woman-beating douchebag Chris Brown, but that's neither here nor there.

    I always forget that she won American Idol, she doesn't just have star power, she has massive vocal power. Just look at Since You Been Gone.

    Define "lesser known".
    Wait, what stan?

    It's got the best sound on the album in my opinion. I really do love it.

    Me too, I haven't been doing anything on it either.
    The end season is always boring.
    It's about as much fun as it sounds. Hooray, you've come around! This makes me happy.
    I'll agree with that, though I'm really loving Aura.

    I wonder if adblock does anything about it...

    I wouldn't listen to her much, but I do enjoy Perry. She just feels a bit more shallow in general. Not all of her songs are like that (Thinking Of You, for example, and I actually really like Roar), but she isn't exactly "out there".
    I know what you mean. Powering through my media essay right now, talking about the male gaze theory and planning to write a post later tonight all to the glorious sounds of Applause. It's still my favourite, it appeals to my inner performer. And my outer one.

    But why does it take so loooooooong :( Agreed, I'm not built for any sort of armed forces activity, I really don't need these ads.

    I can't decide yet, need to properly listen in more detail later when I'm not too busy.
    And that's one of the many reasons I love you.

    Well, when my pokemon burnout wears off I'll take you up on that :p

    Wow, that's a lot of thought. I look forward to engaging your newer team in battle... and then being soundly crushed. At which point, I'll make a new team and the cycle will continue.
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