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  • You'll have to let me know how dot game heroes is. I've been eying it curiously, but haven't gotten around to buying it yet.
    Who else but Tao? Cats are awesome. Girls in fighting games are awesome. A girl in a fighting game who happens to be half cat and has a face reminiscent of the Black Mages is insta-win.

    I'm not worried too much about the age differences. The characters are all new recruits anyway, so they want younger people anyways. Of course, experience is always a plus too.

    The Score Attack is on Super Hell Difficulty! I actually won the first round on it before, so I feel better about it now. But seriously, you can buy the unlimited characters? How much are they? I must have Nu. She was freaking hilarious in Ragna's gal reel ending. Darn I need the store to come back...

    There's a hide and seek on LBP2? I haven't been on in a bit. Still working my way through the tutorials in create mode.
    One of these days I'm going to make an RP character like Rachel. The elegant "better than thou" type. I just need to practice the vocabulary.
    Oh, and remember that you're a new applicant, so don't come in with all your tech. You will acquire / build it as we go.
    So... Rachel meets Kokonoe? Sure, I suppose that would be fine. But she's have to be quite the eccentric character to warrant a pumpkin shaped drone...
    Hmmm. I'll have to deliberate on the free stuff. Porbably going to be abusing the discounts on my end as well.

    On that note, I've got the new GameInformer magazine with the big Mass Effect 3 story. Lots of nice details and screens, but no big reveals yet. They're really keeping everything under wraps for this one.
    Sorry I haven't got back to you yet. I had the whole thing just about finished, but then my computer auto-restarted so I lost the whole thing. I'm retyping it.

    Anyway, how are you liking Portal 2?
    Yay! Post of Awesome!

    I think you mean "Barrier" and you'll find out what the loyal is for later. As a helpful tip, remember your matchups of the enemy health type and your skills, always seek cover, and don't forget to command your squadmates to use their powers if you need it. Mapping the powers to shortcut keys helps too.

    Does Cerberus look like is has Psyche Wards? [/rhetorical]

    Oh, I LOVE the quarians. The awesome accents, the cool suits, the element of mystery with the hidden faces. They're my favorite race.

    Wait till you get a bit further in. Some of them get really tricky. But, you're right. Finishing the game... ah, its like a highlight of my life or something.
    Yeah, I found a different article earlier. Kind of strange, but it seems its just totally down for the time being.

    And that Viper thing is so broken, its not even funny. It would be bad enough if it was just for her, but she can swap in another character into a beam will no ill effects? That's not even fair.
    Well, it appears the the PSN is completely down where I'm at. Don't know if its affecting you at all, but I can't even sign in.
    Haha, I'm considering working on a Shadows sign-up as well. But I've got a few other things to attend to first.

    And tommorw is good with me, gives me more practice time. It'll have to be tomorrow night though, I'm gonna be visiting my grandmother in the morning, and she lives a bit out of town.
    Wanted to get a quick response in just in case you were still online.

    Yes! I have my Playstation back, and I've been brushing up on MvC3. But with Morrigan, Shuma, and Tron playing much like I remember and with Felica playing better than ever, I'm already going strong in my quest to get good with every character.
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