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Last Activity:
Nov 2, 2014
Sep 5, 2007
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Pokemon Master

Wrightt was last seen:
Nov 2, 2014
    1. Jonessodaco.Chris
      Hey I have plenty hidden ability dratini's I could trade you. I'm just looking at completing the dex right now. Don't need anything competition or shiny in return. haha Just something I don't have. Could be as small as a rattata to as big as a articuno. haha Doesn't matter to me. Just looking for something I don't already have.
    2. Nixoth
      Hey man! Its been awhile huh? Idk if you are playing Gen 6 games but if u wanna play sometime u can add me [3823-9454-8508] Safari: Absol, Vullaby, Carawdaunt
      Also, i am looking to start up a new pokemon league, since i think our old group got deleted. I already got several friends interested. Hit me up if you want in!
    3. Wrightt
      I'm leaving
    4. Naoto Shirogane
      Naoto Shirogane
      reply when your on i have some bad news for you
    5. -Sarah
      Your request has been made! :)
    6. -Sarah
      Hello! How are you? :)
      May I ask what you're using all the userbars for I've made you? :)
    7. -Sarah
      You're welcome! :)
      Yay! free hugs ^^
    8. -Sarah
      Your request at Mew's Universe has been made! :)
    9. ZoRaDu
      Yes you are :p But I got a bag full of tricks, don't worry :) By the way, I'll be joining your Clan! What is the xat?
    10. ZoRaDu
      Plus, I did a mistake... I didn't realised I was using rage with of frustation, it couldo've changed the battle quite a bit if you look at its description ^_^
    11. ZoRaDu
      Yea, great! Just a thing though, I find it a bit too long... It's going to take a while to finish the whole battle ... :\
    12. SwiftSoul
      I took the battle to ref. Thread's Here. You post squad first
    13. ZoRaDu
      Yes ok :D
      I hate how long it takes :(
    14. ZoRaDu
      Good , me too :D
    15. suicune lover
    16. ~Light
      You can't request them together. You'll have to request the 6 userbars & the banner separately
    17. kusari
      No problem. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.
    18. kusari
      I just saw your Squad Summery. It looks good except for Sneasal. Sneasal is a level 2 aquisition so it'll have to be one of your up-levels if you want to keep it.
    19. Azulart
      Hey Yoda, How are you doing?
    20. ~Light
      Your request has been made ! :) You can find it at Mew's Universe !
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