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  • Going to go ahead and mark the IGN rumor as dead due to Absol being pure Dark and the inconsistencies with Newtwo

    I'll wait for the remaining scans to come in before throwing up that one rumor about the sushi roll and potato chip as false
    Wait I think I realized why, and that wasn't it, I went to my signature edit area, and underneath the text box it shows what things are enabled to be allowed, and for gifs in the signature it said no, but there's no option to change it, do I need a certain number of posts/years on the forum to activate it?
    Btw sorry to bother, but I guess it is also part of your mod duty :p
    Hey wulava, I'm having trouble adding a gif onto my sig, any idea why? It works when I iMessage it but if I post it as a pic it won't move? Ill try sending it to you here:
    4000th post. What? Dedicated to fake scans!? Wtf!?

    thanks for getting this, although the post that makes the rank is not the most convenient.
    Thank you very much :) I won't get infracted or something right? I'm very scared of R_N....
    Wulava, remember me? I'm ReshiZekyurem. I VMed bobandbill about something but he isn't replying. Could you read that VM, please and reply to me? It is terribly urgent, I need a mod's help.
    Sorry that I didn't link Professor Sycamore's name to a better source. I just thought Bulbapedia was credible enough.
    There's somebody unaware that next Monday is holiday in Japan and that CoroCoro gets a release tomorrow.

    Edit: TPCi remembered it.
    Love it. Your a REAL TALENTED ARTIST. :D

    I guess Fenniken will have to wait till Legendary Z to be revealed to have it ride on a Legendary Right? :)
    I am going to Steal the Sylveon drawn by You in your Signature.
    Hahahahahahaha (Evil Laugh).

    JK Wu
    Thought you was going to change it when Sylveon's Type was Revealed? :)
    I really like the Sylveon in your signature. Good job on it.
    Just thought'd I'd say that. :)
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