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  • Woah, did you just get modded like, seconds ago? I could've sworn you name was in regular font just a minute ago. :p

    Anyway, congratulations, your ability to restrain flaming the hell out of all those idiots on the HGSS forum like I do has earned you my respect. Great job. :D
    Yah Congratulations Wulava ;D You deserved it!! get used to all changes =) any question PM me and I shall help ^^
    if you need help, feel free to let me know. I'm sure you're in good hands with Ellie though. :D
    Allright, tis cool. I just wanted to make sure you remembered like, one of best things about it. It's like forgetting the grass.
    The Pokégear only has 3 features: Clock, Map, and Phone. The only thing of interest here is the Phone.

    In the case of RSE, they have the television for the radio shows, the PokéNav for trainer calls, and a town map. There's really not much need for the clock since there is no day/night feature, although there is one on your room.

    In FRLG, it is not needed because it is a remake of Gen 1. The Pokégear was not yet introduced in that generation.

    In DPPt, again, they have the television, VS Seeker for rematches, a town map, and the Pokétch for the clock.

    Now, in HGSS, we have it all together.
    Sorry, but I had to point this out.

    There was a radio card. It was obtained by answerin 5 questions in the Radio Tower. It played music and there were a couple of other odd things that happened, like when you were at the Ruins of Alpha it played weird music, and at one point TR intercepted all signals.
    Oh, okay, thank you. I've seen the picture, but I wasn't sure if it was her or not. I like the new female player charcater, in my eyes, she's cuter than the rest. I wonder why they didn't change Gold's sprite (male playable character) or Silver's sprite. (The rival.)
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