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Last Activity:
Nov 19, 2019
Feb 24, 2011
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Amour/ADV shipper!

Wuster was last seen:
Nov 19, 2019
    1. FairyWitch
      your request has been made please visit my shop to check out the details I hope you like ^_^ thanks again for choosing my shop hope to see you again :3
    2. Astral Shadow
      Astral Shadow
      Banner is done.
    3. PikaBones
      Hey Wuster, I was reading your post in the adv shipping thread and I wanted to see if I could help you, cause I'm a fanfic junkie and I would love to see a new adv shipping fic :D About starting at the end of the Unova series, I think that is a good route. I guess it depends what you want overall. Since in the kalos series Serena has her obvious crush on Ash, that would probably still be there if you write your fic during the Kalos series. That would be good if you want that adv/amour conflict. Now if you do not want that conflict then you could just start the kalos series over with May instead of Serena, or you could just have Serena not crush on Ash. That's what I have to say, hope it helps or something, good luck with the fic :D I should probably start working on my advanceshipping fic again soon...i haven't touched it for a while :P
    4. golem12
      request is done
    5. golem12
      hmm can you get me a backgroundless picture of it thanks i mean may and ash kissing
    6. Brutaka
      Your request at Fly High is finished and awaiting pick-up. Enjoy!
    7. Mochi10
      Your request at MG is done! Enjoy!
    8. Trickster44
      Your request is ready
    9. Megg Lavender
      Megg Lavender
      Your banner is done!
    10. EzzPeon
      The Banner's done~
    11. scarecrow62
      hey! hopefully youll be online for a while, because i plan to have my next chapter up within the next hour!
    12. wolftamer
      Your order at ~*Pixel Pushers*~ Is done~!
    13. EzzPeon
      Ezzpeon, I'm confused as your waiting list says "Full", but the slots are all empty? Just want to make sure that your able to take my request.
      Eheh, oops. I forgot to remove that. The list isn't full at all -.-
      You can just edit your post with the request.
    14. scarecrow62
      yeah it was great, you have the characters down well, and its flowing nicely. im still trying to find time to finish my chapter.
    15. scarecrow62
      nice man! but i dont know what an acekard is, but im still playing through white version, but very slowly as its giving me some ideas for my next fic.
    16. scarecrow62
      thats cool, i havent looked into shops much. Dont worry my thread is pretty lonely too. and im getting closer to being done with my next chapter as well. And as far as reviewers, thats pretty normal by my standards, i only have one reviewer this fic, and last fic i didnt have any, which is why i stopped writing it.
    17. scarecrow62
      I attempted using a banner for my last FAILURE of a fic, it didnt work right for me, so i would go to somebody who knows hoe to make one, as far as who? i have no clue. sorry.
    18. scarecrow62
      yeah i have my ideas, and they are flowing decently, but im having trouble transitioning between them..
    19. scarecrow62
      haha speaking of yourself being in the midddle of your chpter 5, i havent even started mine yet, i havent been able to find the time.
    20. Zozo1999
      um, no, I'm not letting anyone off the hook because they didn't read the rules, which is what they are SUPPOSED to do. Not an over-reaction, just a punishment.
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    Creds to Astral Shadow for the outstanding banner!