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  • haha you would suggest that. I was going to suggest you hyphenate your name as well but... there's very little to hyphenate.
    www-500 makes you seem like a generic version of WD-40 and w-ww500 makes you seem like some super secret weapon used by ninjas and Navy Seals.

    ....you can pick
    About the tail; I thought you mimic'd Drapion's original tail positioning. But apparantly Drapion's tail doesn't have that Scorpion anatomy so I was wrong on that. However it was positioned wrongly and you fixed that now so that's great.

    What I meant with the head though is that if you put another head on a body, there's a chance that the whole perspective (pose) of your sprite will change, which could have implications for the rest of the sprite (tail) etc.. I'll try and draw out a little visual aid sometime, but I really don't have time for that right now (exams).
    Haha no problem at all, the general quality of C&C nowadays is so low that I'm glad to help wherever I can! Especially for old acquaintances such as yourself ;-).
    Welcome back! You'll notice a lot has changed but there are still some cool spriters around, and now there's one more again I guess ^^
    hey i am currently looking for a squirtle a munchlax a totadile and any other "cool" water types as u can probably already tell i am a water trainer i also however like to get a machamp for my pokedex i can offer a gengar a mr mime a fully evoled piplup a staraptor a golduck a charapand a blissy so if ur intersted plz let me know as i really need 1 ty
    yep still spriting alright soon it will be time to put them all up i cant wait i just need to make afew more
    Well sprite-wise I didn't do anything in like 2 months :D
    But my life is good, y'know, no complaints.

    Make sure to tell me when you get back to spriting
    so I can take a look at your advancement ;)
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