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Last Activity:
Jul 13, 2014
Sep 25, 2010
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Secretly giving you bunny ears
Literary Hobo-child

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~Setting Sail~, from Secretly giving you bunny ears

Wyrm was last seen:
Jul 13, 2014
    1. The Imposter
      The Imposter
      ... There is no escape from The Imposter (or the ruler of Magikarps, if you prefer)
    2. Knightfall
      Heya, Wyrm. What's new with you lately?
    3. Knightfall
      Oh, hey! You're here!

      Well, that's the summer for me. I understand completely why you've been feeling that way. And I know exactly how that feels...

      Good luck with that man. I'll be here for advice, or to talk if you need it. I'll try to keep up with your work in the docs as well. (I recommend splitting up the documents into chapters, so it doesn't take forever to load...).
      And, you don't have any pressing deadlines from an active story, so you are in a good position to do this three month writing binge. Crazy, possibly. But it might work for you.

      Heh, awesome. I'd really like to see you on here more. There's a lot we could do.

      Yay! That was the result of delaying my writing by two months... Stupid summer laziness...
    4. Knightfall
      Hey, man. How have you been?
    5. Knightfall
      Well, his mission is classified. He is interested in Leo, and yes, he has connections to Noah, and yes, he has a series of monsters, but he might or might not do what you said.

      Ah yes. Fear the music.
    6. Knightfall
      Pie inflicted injuries are the best.

      Oh yes, his motives are just as much an enigma as he is.

      I know, right? That's what I was going for.
    7. Knightfall
      Yes! Chocolate flavored pity!

      Indeed, which is a surprisingly good idea that my early writer self had. And yes, he just loves to mess things up doesn't he?

      It made the very notes that comprised it come to life and gnaw on Leo. It's bad. XD
    8. Knightfall
      Got the document you shared with me. I've gotta say, I'm loving how it's turning out so far. I'll be sure to read through it again and this time add my comments, but it's off to a great start.
    9. Knightfall
      Yes, your pity, I want it...

      Yeah, I just let my characters stumble around in the dark until they find their way. Or I just have Mismagius set them straight. He's my one excuse for a deus ex machina, if I ever need one.

      It's still gold either way!
      Oh believe me, if someone offered to animate Overthrown or TtA, I'd gladly take them up on the offer. There's so much stuff that's impossible to describe with words.
    10. Knightfall
      I don't have a Florida team...

      Hehe, trust me, I know. And, I'm trying hard not to pull any major deus ex machinas for a while.

      Yes we are, and I intend on mining for this gold while it lasts, gold being endless praise from you sadists. XD
      Yeah, if it had been in quality video format, it might have gone over well, and that's probably what I was envisioning when I wrote it.

      Yep, so just be sure to shoot me an email when possible.

      And I'll talk to ya tomorrow, I've got to sleep.

      Also, TtA chapter 4 is up at long last!
    11. Knightfall
      Exactly the reason I like it. And yep, good for you all. XD

      Pretty much. I mean, unless it's for good reasons, there's little good to come from killing off the protagonist permanently.

      Hehe, yes, in my world, demented means awesome. XD
      I get it, and trust me, they were all filler I thought was an awesome idea at the time.

      Well, the sooner you send it, the sooner you can get some answers. It will begin at 5pm your time Friday, though, it lasts for roughly four hours, so you have plenty of time to join.
    12. Knightfall
      Ah yes, I forgot that you all are three hours behind, not two. It's 1am here, well, 1:20am.
      We're getting rain and sun, which makes me happy. I enjoy the rain here. KP, you, and Shadow Lucario all live there.
      Heh, alright, I'll do that. XD

      As will I. And yes, Leo's ordeal was exclusive to him. Being the hero character and all gives those rights.

      Exactly, and I subconsciously boast with every post I make with my sig. And thanks, though I'd hardly call it "holy". Demented, possibly.
      Heh, yes, you'll be pleased to hear that there is only one number in the rewrite so far.

      I'll talk in the morning. Gotta get some sleep. Just be sure to send that email when you can.
    13. Knightfall
      Nice. That would make you mountain time, I believe. Which, should be about two hours behind me. Is it nearing 11pm there?
      Also, I find it slightly odd how many people in the WoJ live in Arizona. You must be the third I've seen so far. XD I'm the only one down here in Florida. I'm so lonely... XD

      I know, I know. I love her character, and will not permanently harm her unless the plot absolutely calls for it. But, we're not there yet. Be happy.

      Trust me, I've tried my best to keep humble. Though winning in the awards does give me a little bit of bragging rights, doesn't it? XD
      Oh yes, there is at least a 99% decrease of random numbers. I made sure to take that into account.
    14. Knightfall
      Awww yeah! Now we're talking!

      Just don't stress over it too much. I work on each of mine a good bit every week, so, soon, they'll all be ready. And, where do you live (state, west/east coast)? I live in Florida, which is in EST. So, the meetings start at 8pm for me.

      Well then. I'm glad you're such a devoted fan of her character. If you weren't, she'd probably already be dead and Leo wouldn't have anyone to care or fight for, except Noah, but that wouldn't work for obvious reasons...

      Thanks! You have no idea how much that means to me. Compliments are like coffee to me. XD
      Anyways, I am actually doing a rewrite of my prologue which should be a much more enjoyable read once finished. And, yes, you are worthy. The last thing I need is even more of an ego boost. XD
    15. Knightfall
      Thanks! I'll be needing all the luck I can get. And glad you think so. I'll try my best to get in a super-writing mood for that night. XD

      Sweet. And once I have that, I can add you to everything.

      Well, I'm somehow managing to juggle several projects at once (not including Overthrown and TtA), so if someone as bad as I am at organization can do it, you definitely can. And I went three months without updating earlier this year, so you'll be fine.

      Hehe, good. And, I can say this: if I wanted to punish or harm her character, I'd make sure it was a fate far worse than death. :D
    16. Knightfall
      Nice man! I don't get out until the 7th and I have exams next week, so it'll be a literal hell for me. But, I'm glad you're back on! Yes, we've missed you. XD And I'll take your name off of the absent authors list. Do you mind if I pair up with you for this next meeting? I've been waiting to work with you for a while now. XD

      I'll see about adding you to the WoJ circle on there, as we've been trying to be more organized. [Could you possibly contact me in some way on there? My email is dra026@yahoo.com. It should show up. You'll know it's me by the Charmeleon from my fan art.]

      Excellent! With everything you and I discussed about it, I can't wait to see it started! I'm sure you'll do fine with it.
    17. Knightfall
      Hey, Wyrm. Are you going to be around?
    18. Knightfall
      Yeah! We must carry on until freedom!

      Awesome. And that's a good way of doing things.
      Well, yeah, that and some good ol' fashioned practice.

      The Writers of Justice shall be victorious over the Legion of Slackers this year!

      Oh yes, Ian's pretty much in an abyss. It's going to take quite a bit of effort to begin the climb out.
      Well, honestly, he is only slightly important to what I have planned so far, but plans can change. And yeah, you're good.

      Possibly the fact that he was willing to kill off the main character without a second thought?

      See what you've done now?! *cough* Now we're doomed.
    19. Knightfall
      Thanks, and I hope your exams go well too. We'll both be needing all the luck we can get with them.

      Tell me how that works out, hopefully she'll understand and let you get started.
      Dude, if you can write that and call it inexperienced, then you had me fooled. I've told you this before, but your skills are really, really good.
      And don't worry, I'm certain you'll be able to recapture that into this new story.

      Exactly. A virtual Dark Age that we just need to push past.

      Hehe, sorry. I guess I'm still a little excited over it since that was the first time I've referenced a wonderful plot point I developed and will continue to do so over the next few chapters. I'm glad it touched some emotions, because that was the overall goal of Ian's scene.
      Hypno's appearance is little more than a clever cameo to the games, but he may play a bigger role in the future. And no, it is perfectly normal for you to be amused at my character's torment. XD
      Quark is an odd character, not like Noah-odd, but just ... odd.

      XD I'll try not to spread it any more. Last thing we need is the forum to come down with it. XD
    20. Knightfall
      Heh, again, it always seems hard until you reach the next part. XD I've got two AP exams, which are designed by the College Board and not the public school system, so they are ten times harder. But then, I'll have about two weeks until regular exams start in the first week of June and after that, nothing but the sweet bliss of summer.

      I'm glad I could help. Honestly, getting a personal email is a good option. Just make sure your mom has the password if that's what it takes. Because being involved with the WoJ involves email as part of it. It's pretty much unavoidable. But, still, it's not like spam. It's always related to a comment or something important.
      I really want to start working along side you. Ever since your story that I reviewed last year, I've wanted to.

      Heh, trust me, last summer was far from productive for me as well. I refuse to let myself slip down that path again.

      Thanks again. There are some issues in the first two chapters, but the third is much improved. And also, coughreadOverthrownifyouhaven'tcoughcough. Goodness, I must be getting sick.
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