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  • thanks and so far these mons i don't have for sure

    gen 1 i don't have any of them
    caterpie,ponyta,krabby,cubone,tangela,goldeen,staryu,and eevee

    gen 2

    gen 3 don't have any of them
    lotad,seedot,poochyena, and trapinch

    gen 4 I am pretty sure i have coragunk in my oras need to check that

    gen 5 i don't have any of them
    all the pans, basculin and alomonmola

    there is alot of junk i need to update on my charts so not sure if these were the ones or not XD
    I have all GF 25th anniversary pokemon, ash pikachu, Carlita's Hydreigon, Serena's Fennekin, Winter 2013 Garchomp, Jade's Infernape, Pokeball Vivillion, Masuda's Psyduck, Lance's Dragonite, Giovanni's Nidoqueen, Akder's Volcaona, Iris's Haxorus, Blue's Pidgeot, Present Serperior and Emboar, June 2015 Dragonite, Alexander's Hoopa, Melemele Tapu KoKo,
    I have a few event pokemon, can offer breedables, and i have a few shinies that i hatched, and a lot of TSV SHinies
    its fine i will check all my boxes out then before going back to my blacephalon hunt...I ended up stopping to get the charm because i wanted to make sure the shop requests were done since everyone was waiting pretty long as it is for there stuff plus get the iv checker for to transfer to ultra sun for breeding. I will get back to you with a list of what i don't have that you listed and i am pretty sure i have love ball lapras XD but i will check that too :p thanks!
    hey you still up with me checking on all your offers? not sure if you just want to donate or just see what i want for trades XD so use to my forms lol I took a break from my shiny hunt that is why i asked
    Hi sorry this is late! I'm new to the site, still getting used to it. Does this offer still stand? I may have something you need for your pokedex
    Thanks for the trade! I'm sorry for the wait and I thank you for the patience. Do you have the proof that goes along with these DW pokemon? If you do, could you email me them? (pokemonplayer09@gmail.com)
    Hi! Sorry about my slowness, I was actually collaborating with a friend (on hw) while doing this trade. What poke haven't I traded you yet?
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