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Hello, there. I'm known throughout cyberspace as Sayrie, and (obviously) I'm a huge fan of Pokemon.

I've been interested in the franchise since I was very young, though the first time I played the video games was in 2009 with Pokemon Diamond version. I've been hooked ever since, and I own 5 (I think?) Pokemon games in total.

Some random factoids about my Pokemon experience;

In total, I have had five random encountered shinies. There was once a Zubat and a Graveler, though being uninformed on the rarity of shinies, I restarted my games with those two still on my file. On Diamond (including those two), I have had three random encounters total, the last being a male Budew whom I plan to EV train and evolve to a Roserade (I love the shiny version of those things). On my White version, I have two additional shinies; Jairo the Chandelure (captured as a Litwick) and a Swanna whom I recently traded for a shiny Gliscor.

Favorite Starter Type; Fire - I really love fire types in general, and the fire-typed starter Pokemon always appealed to me. Had I played any games prior to DP, I know for certain I would have chosen the fire types. I have never, ever used the water-type starter; in my current run of Diamond I chose Torterra, and I used a Chikorita in HG. I'd like to add that I am very disappointed with Emboar's design and typing in general. This makes three generations with fire/fighting types, and I'm praying that Gen VI will break this trend.

Favorite Starter; Cyndaquil - Don't ask me why, I just love its design and its evolutions. I actually haven't used one yet, though; in my Japanese version of HeartGold, I strayed from my usual fire-type pattern in favor of Chikorita, as I planned to buy SoulSilver and use a Cyndaquil there (however, I never actually did).

Favorite Pokemon; Swablu/Altaria - As you can see below, I love Swablu. Why? I've always felt that, if I turned into a Pokemon, I would transform into a Swablu. I love to sing, and Altaria's classification as the "Humming Pokemon" fits me perfectly (in grade school, my nickname was actually Hummingbird). Plus, I love flight and flying types, so all-around its the perfect Pokemon for me.

Favorite & Least Favorite Types; Psychic & Poison - I can't say why psychic-types have always appealed to me, but for as long as I can remember I have always deeply loved them, Ralts' evolutionary line especially. As for poison-types; I've never liked their designs, nor did I feel that their typing was useful. However, I have a new-found respect for Crobat and its evolutionary line after, on my current run of Diamond, Cyrus nearly swept my team with his. Hence why I'm planning to use one on my White 2 team.

- - -

About Me: Real-Life Edition.

Anime/Manga; Death Note, Inuyasha, Fruits Basket, Another, Wolf's Rain, Claymore.

Music; Literally anything. My least favorite genre would have to be rap, but even then there are a few songs there that I really like. My favorite genre overall would have to be rock, though as I said, I have a melting pot of musical tastes. Some of my favorites include: Adele, Red, Dead by April, Evanescence, Three Days Grace, One Republic, Skillet, Coldplay, My Chemical Romance, Oasis, The Fray, Train, Nickelback, 3 Doors Down, etc. There's probably more, but then we'd be here all day. XD

I have been taking piano lessons for...what? Six months? Maybe seven. Anyway, I'm not that great at it due to the little time I've put into it, though I enjoy it immensely and, with practice, I hope to get very good at it.

To be continued~

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