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  • Keep the bills next time and the order. Then you can use that against them. Thats what i do to incompetent Company who thinks they can ignore customers that invests on them xD
    My motherboard is getting broken too.. And sounds awful alot.. So i guess it is on the edge now before it fries. x3
    I am up all night trying to make my Great Larvitar Breed :x So just message me at any time, since now i am so hyped for those two cuties! x3
    Mhmm.. So how does one figure out? I also read you can reduce the steps by half of hatching wih a pokemon in the lead of party that has Flame body xD
    That i knew, i took the liberty stalking your profile! Ghehe~
    I been playing it since Pokemon yellow was released in europe :x <3
    Tackle- Thanks a buncha-a-lot! I think i managed to get a female Larvitar with least 3 Perfect IV with Special.Atk being low x-x

    Oh my god, Shiny Zubat? That was my first find ever too. In Pokemon silver! x3 (Posted twice.. I happen to post on my own page x,D )
    Aron was my favorite right next to Gard, love the design and the only Metal type i love. I once had a Shiny one.. Though i restarted the game without knowing it was valuable x,D..
    I will try get you Least a Female Larvitar that have been breeded from the Other High IV Larvitar. From there your breeding of it should be easier n-n.
    And DW Aron? You sure i really can have it? :x
    Really? If you could do that, I'd be very happy! I can trade you with one of the Larvitar i breeded. :x
    Brother borrowed my game yesterday and got me 2 Almost Perfect IV Larvitar, so the ones i breed for them should have great IV when hatched :x Trying to breed myself an Larvitar with Adamant Nature With Perfect attack, defense, special defense IV x,D Takes time but worth it in the end x-x
    If you have an Aron you could breed, can you fix that one too? That would make my day too~!
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