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x420 bleach it
Last Activity:
Jan 21, 2018
Feb 22, 2013
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x420 bleach it

New Member

x420 bleach it was last seen:
Jan 21, 2018
    1. raymart92
      hey bleach! are you still looking for a destiny knot? I have it and willing to exchange it to your power weight and band. vm/pm me if you are up on it.
    2. MetalSonic
      bleach r u still with us?
    3. shinycharizard06
      well what akk do you have? I look for any shiny really I really want a shiny ralts or starters but I'll consider anything really I like to take a pick
    4. shinycharizard06
      I can't send you a private message until you clear some space. but I still have the shiny clefairy to trade you just make an offer
    5. Mr. Morshu
      Mr. Morshu
      just shoot me a list, i can't think of anything off the top of my head
    6. Mr. Morshu
      Mr. Morshu
      id be willing to trade the ditto for competitive shiny pokemon
    7. 00swms
    8. Zephraxe
      Hello! How have you been?
    9. Neu
      On second thought just forget about that "Ditto" PM, i'll just go and search for a non shiny 6IV Ditto since it has less value than your shiny 6IV Ditto.
      Too much of a dream for an amateur breeder like me to handle a shiny pokemon, especially a perfect Ditto.

      I dunno if you are going to cancel our deal on Buneary or you're just currently very busy.
      Either way, i'll be off right now but i have added you. Thanks for your time to be interested at my list.
    10. x420 bleach it
      x420 bleach it
      I can part with the Sigilyph. I can breed for more to try and get Females of Chespin and Dratini. What did i want again from your list?
    11. Mr.Y
      Out of those I'm only really interested in the 5 IV Timid Sigilyph as I already have the others. I can accept the Dratini/Chespin if they are female though.
    12. Mr.Y
      (your pm box is full) What are your offers for the trade?
    13. SmeargleRocks
      Would you trade one of those shiny flawless ditto for a 5IV Aerodactyl missing sp.atk, shiny Ferroseed and one of each ev reducing item? If not I can see what else I have iv bred, the ferroseee however was caught in a friend safari though
    14. UltimateGears
      I have a Shiny Modest Eevee with Hidden Ability Anticipation and IV spread 31/x/31/31/31/x.
      Interested in traind for your 6 IV ditto?
    15. SmeargleRocks
      Your profile picture, too true lol XD
    16. SlenderMan0
      Your name is weird.....
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