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  • hey bleach! are you still looking for a destiny knot? I have it and willing to exchange it to your power weight and band. vm/pm me if you are up on it.
    well what akk do you have? I look for any shiny really I really want a shiny ralts or starters but I'll consider anything really I like to take a pick
    On second thought just forget about that "Ditto" PM, i'll just go and search for a non shiny 6IV Ditto since it has less value than your shiny 6IV Ditto.
    Too much of a dream for an amateur breeder like me to handle a shiny pokemon, especially a perfect Ditto.

    I dunno if you are going to cancel our deal on Buneary or you're just currently very busy.
    Either way, i'll be off right now but i have added you. Thanks for your time to be interested at my list.
    I can part with the Sigilyph. I can breed for more to try and get Females of Chespin and Dratini. What did i want again from your list?
    Out of those I'm only really interested in the 5 IV Timid Sigilyph as I already have the others. I can accept the Dratini/Chespin if they are female though.
    Would you trade one of those shiny flawless ditto for a 5IV Aerodactyl missing sp.atk, shiny Ferroseed and one of each ev reducing item? If not I can see what else I have iv bred, the ferroseee however was caught in a friend safari though
    I have a Shiny Modest Eevee with Hidden Ability Anticipation and IV spread 31/x/31/31/31/x.
    Interested in traind for your 6 IV ditto?
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