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  • Could you clone my shiny Basculin once I finish EV training it? Our clan needs a good breeder, I am one, but you're probably way better than me
    Ah..I just caught those from the DW. I'm trying to complete my pokedex do if finish transferring your Pokemon and if u r still up for a trade then just VM/PM me.
    Hi. Thanks for visiting my page, do you have any Pokemon you want to trade? I'm lookin for Hoenn and Sinnoh Pokemon. I play Pokemon black.
    Alright, we'll try to do it tomorrow then. When you're available, message me what times are best for you so when I wake up I'll know. We'll get around to this sometime, I promise! :p Unless you're still awake now, that is.
    haha well you're ~8 hours ahead of me so I don't know if you're still able to trade or not... if you can't right now, I'll try to get up earlier tomorrow.
    Not sure when you'll read this, but just so you know I'll be out from about 3:30-7:30pm (PST) tomorrow so if you message me then I won't be here.
    Alright, good. Send me a message tomorrow - I may not respond right away but I'll have your Growlithe ready by then so we can arrange a time.
    Great! Do you want Flash Fire or Intimidate? I'm assuming Intimidate but thought I'd ask... and how much does nature matter to you?
    Hey, I'm back home now, where there's wifi. :) I'll start breeding a few Growlithes and let you know when I'm ready. I'm looking for Pokemon from previous gens that I don't have... like, say Porygon?
    Yes I do, but I'm actually leaving the country in 11 hours or so and won't have access to wifi until I'm back on January 2. So if you'd like one right away, its best to ask someone else. But, if its not urgent and you can wait 2 weeks, I'll message you when I return and have a Growlithe ready for you. :)
    hey dude do u have access to the hg/ss move tutors? because i would really be thankful if you didnt mind teaching a few pokes some moves
    its cool I need squirtle,charmander,chickorita,totadile,torchic,treecko,mudkip,chimchar and thats it
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