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  • Hey, I just wanted to tell you that you're not allowed to discuss translations on serebiiforums.com. It's just a rule here, not to mention that it's kinda illegal due to Viz's warpath. You should probably delete that thread.
    Try not doing this.

    That was a program designed to advertise and not a real person. All it does it get you in trouble.

    Seriously. Stop it.
    If anyone wants to contact me for whatever reason, I'm available on the following sites, under the following names:

    Deviantart; XadhoomFanboy.
    Pojo; Xadhoom.
    FF.Net; Zero.Slash.One.
    Serebii Forums; Xadhoom.
    Youtube; Xadhoom Xado.
    MangaFox; Xadhoom.
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