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Recent content by Xadhoom

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    Pokemon Adventures Wish List Thread

    Muh ships - Red/Blue, Green/Diantha, Crystal/Emerald, Diamond/Pearl/Platinum - to be endgame. A reunion tournament arc involving all the Pokedex Owners. Emerald with a Dusknoir. Crystal with a Marowak and a Jynx. Pearl with a Dugtrio and Floatzel. Black and White living happily ever after in the...
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    What are the themes in each arc of Pokespe?

    He re-heally is. The whole fanfic "red is oblivious like a standard shonen hero" thing has exaggerated how one-dimensional he is. For one, while Blue and Silver has the trait more stressed, Red is as willing to steal for a good cause as they are.
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    What are the themes in each arc of Pokespe?

    RGB - Don't think it had any. Yellow - The cruelty of humankind represented and argued for by Lance, and the good of humankind represented and argued for by Yellow. GSC - Personal identity, most clearly in the "what are their special skills" scene, and preceded by Gold identifying his unique...
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    Fic Request Shop (Open)

    Request 1: Name of Ship: No specific name for it, in the style of Special/Lucky/Feeling/OldRival/Jade/Original. Name of Characters: Erza Scarlet, Gilgamesh, respectively from Fairy Tail and Fate/Stay Night. Plot: Romance and slice-of-life stuff, I suppose. Rating Regulation: None particularly...
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    September Plot Discussion

    It's not really an oversight that a character who owns at least one white shirt is wearing one, IMO.
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    Rare Pokemon Shippings Discussion Thread Ver3.0

    Frontiershipping (Crystal/Emerald) - because of how expertly Kusaka has laid out the groundwork for this to happen along with subtly weaving very relevant themes into the development of their characters. To explicate what-in-de-heck I'm about, it is, firstly and almost paradoxically, because the...
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    What's the most recent ship you've got into?

    Davis/Rina, from Digimon Adventure 02 and Digimon World ReDigitize: Decode respectively. At first, it was just based off their coincidental similarities (goggleheads with Veemon-partners whose last names end in -miya), but I've gotten to really like the idea and how their personalities mesh.
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    Overrated/underrated Pokemon shippings

    Overrated: OldRival - because of how neither one has expressed any kind of serious romantic interest in the other. MangaQuest - because of how little concern Gold has exhibited for her safety (casual reminder that he, without any exaggeration on my part, treated her...
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    Pokemon Adventures Pairing Discussion Thread

    Once more, in the breach. Which of the pairings do you favor? At the knowing risk of sounding fairly jaded about this whole thing, please try to recall that there are more pairings than Special, OldRival, MangaQuest, Frantic, Commoner, Agency and whatever the names are for the B2W2 & Kalos...
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    Do the 4th and 6th Chapters have the worst "Main" Characters and Story?

    This bit, I really have to disagree with. While it is factually correct that the majority of his team are recurring mons, he isn't necessarily a bad character for having pokemon of the same species as are allied with another trainer on his team; if he was, the same logic should apply to just...
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    Pokemon Adventures Timeline

    2 Years sounds good.
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    The crack shippings thread!

    Huh... well, this topic sounds fascinating... I'll give it a go. Blue/Mewtwo Steven/Cynthia Sabrina/Lorelei Sabrina/Mewtwo Brock/Roxanne (PokeSpeverse only) N/Yellow Volkner/Elesa Elesa/Lt Surge Volkner/Lt Surge Volkner/Elesa/Lt Surge
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    Pokemon Adventures Timeline

    Yeah, I know. I assume that you had some point to make, in conjunction with that statement. Could I request some elaboration, because not gonna lie: Kinda lost right here.
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    Sird's Return

    I actually like how Sird is used, like a Bigger Bad, someone playing the long game over decades/centuries, towards an as-yet-unseen goal; as for the 'centuries' bit, there are sporadic hints that she wished for immortality from Jirachi X,000 years back (replace 'X' with whatever number you wish).
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    What is your favorite ship from the Pokemon Adventures Manga?

    Frontiershipping: I enjoyed their Mission Control/Field Operative dynamic. Both show clear signs of caring a lot about the other (Emerald in his own arc when he flips out, Crystal in HGSS when she voices her desire for children to pursue their dreams) in a manner that could be construed either...