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  • Lol, it's awesome. Really big, two stories, large pond in the backyard, river otter family in the backyard.....awesome.

    Oh, and guesswhatguesswhatguesswhat? I got NL to come back.

    Whoops, accidentally posted this in my own user profile, then tried to move it to yours, and found out I can't delete it -_- CURSE YOU SEREBII!!!
    Hi! So, I was thinking about a new group discussion called Plot Discussion. Basically we would chat about the current plot, what should happen next, etc.

    I spy with my little eye....someone called Ruby Moon who wants to join us.
    Lmao, it's ok, don't worry about it.

    Prom was tons of fun! Definitely a night to remember. I was out til 4am dancing, lol. 8)
    For your request - can you give me a link to the character you want - i'm not familiar with char names so i have no idea what he/she looks like =\

    also i can do a fusion of flygon/glaceon to meld if you like - if not i can do flygon or glaceon
    Lol ty~ I'm going to get online now.

    PMD2! Sounds really awesome turning your character into a Pokemon. ♥ Where to register?
    OMFG, I'm sorry I didn't got online last night. x____x;; My parents was like, forcing me to go to bed so early. DX orz

    I felt like wanna play in Bishie Crossover thread again. I missed it so much ;.;
    Oh lol. I haven't got much Holy Digimon yet but I'm planning to get Alphamon soon~ Dianamon is cool btw. XD My team was like.. so weak so I degenerated them all. o____o

    Look it at Youtube. There's tons of Digimon Savers episodes there. (from ep 1-end)

    Lol, k then~ I'll go online, but in "appear offline" mode so I'll get to you when you online.
    I also blame timezones for that. ;____; Lololol, but your country only differs about 1 hour with my country, so it's ok for us I think. :'D

    You got Seraphimon, wow. I got about 6 Megas, but I suddenly got bored with it. XD I'm re starting my Dawn now. o____o;; Must..have..Duftmon.

    Have you watched Digimon Savers already?

    EDIT: I have added you back on MSN. ;D
    Well, when you're back to school, it's my summer holiday time... XDDDD;; Good luck with it then~ 8D Lol, I still have to wait another 4 years to get to college. ;_____;

    Btw, still love and play Digimon? XD -is currently playing Digimon World Dawn, lol-
    you got summer vacation already? I envy you ;; I'm on holiday.. But it's not a special holiday anyways.
    Ahaha, I watch random episodes though. XD I just lurrrrve Japan <33

    Kuzco dazzles. 8D And you still like Digimon btw? XD;
    I'm getting Cyndaquil - it was my Silver starter. She's still around as a Typhlosion, and i'm stuck at the 8th gym because my Piloswine is EPIC FAILING all the time (pilo needs better sp.attack!) With the return of the Pokegear, we will probably use it on the TOUCHSCREEN! Wait a second - how are Eevee, Nosepass and Magneton supposed to evolve in HG/SS?
    I'm going for Gray. I use a guide to win their hearts XD And a lot of the time I can't even cook their favorite food, so it's always time consuming for me. :x I just started that game, so when I talk to him he's still like "what do you want?!" -.-

    in DS:Cute I married Skye and in AnWL I married Rock. ^_^

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