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  • uuugh, homework on vacations should be illegal! D<

    I have AnWL, MFoMT, and DS:Cute. ^_^ I am not too far in either of them, I'm not even married in MFoMT! D: I wish I was farther along! But whatevs, I'm working at it! I'll get there!

    Which ones do you have?

    oh, I wish that was all I had to do! I have this thing called an independent study that we have to do at the end of this year, where we have a topic and we have to do a bunch of research on it. I was supposed to finish the essay for it a long time ago, but I didn't, and now I'm behind. -.- Oops! So I have a ot of work to do myself....

    I can't wait for the 2G remakes to get released in English, Xash! That way... WE GET JOHTO STARTERS!!! I can't wait to see what it looks like! Do you think it will have the Poke Radar, an upgraded Time Machine (well atleast updated to trade/battle with Sinnoh) and the Sevii Islands? And which one are you planing on getting? I'm gonna try get Soul Silver when it's in Australia.
    I know what Harvest Moon is. I just never played it, I almost bought the GC version, then I saw a horse on the back of it. and didnt bother xD
    Anime about war? Like guns? or Fire Emblem like war?

    Nah, They just changed alot and I couldnt bother anyore and sent a bad message to them... So, I kinda chose to lose them.
    You change alot xD Well good that you have different intrests! xP
    Don't think ive played any of those games thhough
    Im doing good. Feeling like I finally get to do something with my life xD
    At the same time i feel bad because I think I just did something that is gonna cost me 70% of my internet friends.
    14 is still a good age to start. You can still learn some good moves by time your in your early 20s.

    Just pcik one you already read and write about that.

    Well, I'm hoping to find a job or something (lol, need money for college), and maybe volunteer and travel a bit. I kind of want to see if I can take a French course, just to keep on top of it, because my last French class ended a few weeks ago. XD; Otherwise, that's about it.

    My brother hogs the Wii, so I never get to play it. :[
    Whoa, welcome back to the forums! :p I thought you left, and I cleaned out my friends list, and...yeah. Sorry about that! D:

    I'm pretty good. Getting ready to graduate high school. It's exciting but kind of depressing at the same time, lol. I PROCRASTINATE, TOO. Especially now, since it's almost summer. 8'D I'm glad to hear you're doing well. =]
    Don't worry you don't need to be athletic when you are beautiful. May I ask what books your doing?

    We haven't really talked much in a while, no. I've been quite inactive here lately, to be honest. I've got quite a lot of exams coming up soon.
    yeah, my bad...I just get wrapped up in other things as well. =(

    Anyways, I am well thank you for asking...and you?
    Sadly, I don't, because I am poor and living on the street where I make rainbows with local animals, and sometimes plants too!!!!!!!!

    Hmm, can you call one of the cows 'Maria' for me please? <33333333

    xoxo Spoinkiluu!!!
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