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  • Ok. (i'm gonna try get and breed the Mt.Battle Johto starters!) And Fuwafuwa's gotten more intelligence points. She's level 8 now.

    Yet another edit: She evolved into Imotchi and fell asleep again. AT DAWN.
    I'm not dizzy at all!
    Actually I recently claimed Camerupt, so I must wait for another 18 days before I could change my claim...
    Ah well, be patient Mystic
    The GB Tamagotchis grow up really fast. If i'm right, Fuwafuwa will evolve EXTREMELY SOON. (want me to try get the Frenzy Plant Chikorita on my next Mt. Battle no stop run and breed it?)

    Instant edit: BLOODY LORD! She's a baby, but unlike Kirara & Mizu (I didn't have Berri then, because like I said before, she arrived when Kirara became a Futagoaritchi. Like Futagotenshi, they're nearly never alone without another of their species tagging along) SHE JUST NEARLY GOT FLATTENED by a falling rock!
    (easily reads crossed out sentence) If I ever get Wi-Fi, i'll try to get you a Cyndaquil. (the father was gotten off XD, so the babies will have Reversal when they hatch) Ok, I got the emulator and the ROM booted up, along with the save file (god it's dark in the game right now) I found the black and white egg! I'm naming it Fuwafuwa, and it's just hatched into Babymotchi!

    8 MINUTES LATER: She just FINALLY fell asleep. (in game time: 1:00am) Fuwafuwa's current stats are full stomach, extremely happy, level 6 intelligence, level 1 body, and no discipline yet.
    I love Milotic so much too...
    Well I believe you'll find one soon. It takes patience and effort
    With enough patience and effort, eventually, you'll find one Feebas tile
    Not bragging, but I found a Feebas tile when I was fishing randomly
    I love my lv 70 Milotic in Pearl <3
    Well then, I'll find another pokemon to claim... Why won't Lapras/Glaceon claimer go off for a while?
    It already has: I FINALLY GOT GIRL CYNDAQUILS!!! (a few seconds ago, both of my new eggs hatched into girls for some reason!) Along with a pair of Futagoaritchi (their names are Kirara & Berri. Berri was obtained when Kirara hatched from her cocoon) and this Tamagotchi that resembles a seal/whale thing. (his name is Mizu) I'm thinking of hatching another Tamagotchi on TMGC-GB2 aswell. Should I do Garden or Ocean?
    SPPF LACKS A LOT OF HETALIA FANS! ;; Sure I have an MSN and I'll PM it to you~ X3

    Hetalia MADs are always <333
    I’m good thanks just got back from a run. I’ve always have loved horror movies, it’s just something about them that just clicks with me. How are you?

    I know D: I sometimes use sonic, ness and lucas (yes, I'm a fan the mother series) but mainly that's about it.

    I never actually tried to use Marth and Ike (well except for the subspace emissary of course) but I've actually used pit on rare occasions.

    At the moment however I'm playing platinum. A lot.
    One of the many reasons why I need a name change.

    You know, you can add my msn address if you really want to, I honestly don't mind.
    Oh dear, I must've missed that in the rules. Thank you very much for the head's up.
    (China and Japan were already taken, so I settled for the last of the East Asian brothers XD love all three dearly, though.)
    My life's already insane. I've been playing Tamagotchi Game Boy games on emulators, had my first Tamagotchi die on me, (!!!) trying to get my dad upload some videos I made onto Youtube (one of them involving my cat) unsuccessfully, watching things explode on Youtube, wishing I was allowed to try inhale helium (as if my voice isn't high enough to other people) trying to actually complete this assignment that i've only had six days to do thanks to my dad, raising my Chao... That's pretty much it.
    Not being able to find Japan, oh America you.

    Latvia's pretty moe. I would ship him and Canada so they can kill the fangirls with their... combined moe powers. I haven't seen much of Latvia around in the scans. Maybe I accidently ignore the poor guy.

    I agree with Korea's madness. I wonder what the citizens of the other countries would think of Hetalia... BESIDES, we all love Korea. :D

    I thought Germany was the sane one. Hmm Austria. Damn that guy's music skillz are too much for me to NOT like him. I wonder when we get to see more of Australia.
    Everyone should be BFFL.
    Sounds like one of America's odd ways of thinking on the whole world being in peace with each other and form one big alliance or something. . . In the end, he would just stand up on the table and cry "I'M THE HERO!"

    "Shut up, idiot!"

    ASDFGHJKL When Romano cries, I just want to give the guy a hug. Let him know he's respected somewhere. (Italy isn't all that brotherly towards Romano I see although I can't blame him lol) I love how he tries to be independent but then calls Spain for help. Or maybe I truly am obsessed with that ship.

    Everyone should be one with Russia. Let's not forget Korea and his incestuous... self. (he brings in the lulz) It's a good thing Germany isn't in the same room as well, the rest of the nations. Honestly, I wish there was more to the World Conference meeting but I guess Himaruya left us to our imagination. World War III, anyone? -runs-
    I saw you claimed him before and threw a mini tantrum. LOL Then what is this... CHINA, aru?! He wins for being 4000 years old. -bricked-

    IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE THAT ROMANO AND I LIKE TOMATOES. He would probably try to ruin me with fake mustaches! Then it would backfire him as planned. Damn that guy is so tsundere. D:
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