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  • > sees your message
    > hugs you to deaaaath!

    Don't worry, you're not alone. I miss this place a lot too. I miss you guys. I miss everything :( I just wished it all came back, somehow. I still love you too :) Hope you're doing fine as well!
    > Go on friends' pages and comment "I miss you"
    > Cry self to sleep

    Why do I have the hardest time moving on. :c ... So many precious people and memories. I hope they're all doing well, wherever they are, whatever they're doing. Because I miss them so much and probably will never be able to speak to them again.
    Yeah true and we can't do it here anymore for obvious reasons. I'm thinking about doing a series of drawings of my fondest memories on TBBT/BS One of them will of course be Tommy as a Heavenly Being. sigh That was awesome.
    Perhaps because this anime lacks tits for these people. :p Ah here I am just hoping the games are released in America. Damn Europeans getting all the goods now. ToT I didn't get to play the games but I recently discovered that little plot where he was being targeted. (and watching the anime, it was totally different) Yeah Kazemaru was the one to motivate Endou and then suddenly quitting cuz of Aliea's strength. sob

    But I agree. Same goes for the 2nd series, GO.
    I didn't remember wrong! I already imagined up a Team Plasma-like group long before they actually showed up officially! ThoughthenameIinventedwaslame. :D
    Ohoho, more Inazuma fans me likey. But yes there's many favorite characters and well I had to get Kazemaru as fast as I could~ 8D
    Thanks yo. I wanted to wish you happy belated.

    I haven't talked to you in ages it seems. How have things been going on in your life?
    You know they do. What they don't tell you is that they have a generator that powers from off the players' frustration so that the game creators can use it to take over the world.
    It's hard. And the latest installment somehow Went Beyond the Impossible and made it harder...much harder.

    Although I do agree, frustrating games do indeed make you feel most accomplished. (Trying and failing to complete Mario Bros. Lost Levels)
    I've gotten addicted to watching So You Think You Can Dance. ... Granted I've only been watching since Season 7, but--ALEX WONG and BILLY BELL. Just. Those two.
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