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  • Lol xD Actualy ive been called that before o_O
    I Still cant see why im so like him >.<

    Well, then you can be... Uhm... Raine? No wait. Imnot sure, but Raine is the first one to pop into my head o.\\
    Right. Erm, you can use PMD if you want so that means I'll have my wild pokemon mysterious appearance theme, Dittoman will have a rogue theme, you will have a PMD theme. Now, I'll ask CyberBlastoise and the other mod.
    I love genis xD His just awesome. He grows like an inch |D

    Yeah they almost didnt add anything in the OVA. just the most important stuff.

    I find that ToP comes after ToS strange. as they have more technology and stuff in ToS. x_x

    Lol I know xD All hail the Tales series!
    I know! I want To Play as Lloyd ;___; And Sheena <3
    The Ova was awesome xp

    Abyss is on PS2. But it never got released outside america. The plot of it is amazing. and it has an anime thats like 27 episodes long (24 episodes made so far) Im watching walkthrough about it on youtube xP

    Ive also played Tales of Phantasia on VBA. Thats a pretty cool game xP
    Lol Call me what you want I guess xD I dont mind! xP
    I hope i can stay here alot more before i might die again lol xp I actually rejoined here again to hope for it cheering me up ]:

    O.M.G. o_O your like Stalking my obsession.
    Im obsessing over Tales of Symphonia, Tales of The Abyss and Tales of Vesperia xD
    I hate of abyss never came to europe though ;_; and ToS is rare to find so i dont have it. im saving for a x-box360 for ToV xp
    Haaii xD

    Well i just returned like yesterday so its nice that you still remember me xP
    I still like Fire Emblem xP But I got new obsessions too now o:

    Should I still call you Elincia?
    PLEASE come back! The BSCC is a WRECK without you in charge! Ruka's driving me crazy! I'll be your best friend, now PLEASE come back!
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