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  • You seem to be about where I was at a few years back. Your defensive instinct triggers and you rationalize. Apologizing makes you feel insignificant. It's hard to concede on even minor points because that makes it feel like it makes every point wrong. Possibly a history of violence when angered, even if the final straw was insignificant in hindsight? Insecurities are hidden in evasive, rationalized, pseudo-answers tha do more deflecting than answering. Think before you tell me I'm not trying to understand.
    Ummm, let me think. Green day fan, but you hate Fallout Boy? Far left-wing, probably living in a moderate to conservative area, which has a fair amount of religious groups with influence? You don't like fights, but if you pick them with people, it's their fault? You don't question policy, just support it if it's left and tear it down if it right? Possibly dyed hair? And a superiority complex, due to underdeveloped self-esteem? IQ of somwhere between 100 an 115? Maybe vegan or on a gluten-free diet, or maybe an organic only diet? And possibly an anti-agriculture sentiment?

    That's the personality profile I got just from that post
    I'm a lover, not a fighter. Violence doesn't solve problems; it just creates more. And I was in the closet to my family at the time, and that wouldn't be the best way to come out to them. And i had no idea who the kids were anyway. Besides, I'm an ***, but I'm not a narc. And I wouldn't want to get a bunch of money that way and neither would he. That would be makig myself fit the role they tried to craft me into; I won't play the vctim for them, even to try to teach them a lesson
    Junior year, me and my then-boyfriend were walking home from school. There were some kids behind us, a ways back, and they decided it would be funny to throw rocks at us. More specifically him. I'm not a fighter, but if he wouldn't have told me to not to, I would have thrown punches with no regard for my own well-being. But he told me to ignore them and keep walking. To not give them the satisfaction of getting to me. We kept going at our same pace, and eventually the kids got bored with it and stopped. If we would have just ran, that wouldn't have been a victory. It would have been a retreat. If I would have fought, it wouldn't have been a victory, either, because that would have made me no better than them. The only victory is to ignore them until they quit. After a while without response, they will.
    It's been eating at me and i gota get it off my chest: your horrible grammar is distracting and hard to read, and punctuation exists for a reason other than exclamation. You seem like a cool guy but your overuse of elipses (most cases of which are incorrct) and general use of textspeak will ultimately cause people to question both your intelligence and maturity, and possibly your age. I'm a bit of a spelling and grammar nazi, so I'm sorry if I sound harsh. Pet peeves tend to be irritating, you understand
    dude, you're 16. yea, its's not fun when people use that word, but that's no need torant about it. People are dumb, and they probably don't mean it in the literal derrogatorry way. I got upset for a while on Khaos because people kept dissing my kink of preference. but i realized rather quickly that it's not personal, its just that its not for everyone. So pokemon, it's not for everyone. If trolls want to try to heckle us for it, don't give them te saisfaction of getting to you. Do not feed the trolls
    the snake in the bestselling fiction book, "The Holy Bible" had limbs. Sorry for the spoilers, but this character named "God" removed them with omnipotence
    Most of the new ones seem unexciting. The chinchilla one looks cool. It sucks that Zorua and Zoroark are only obtainable with event pokemon
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