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  • I had to double check to see if it's really the same person, but heya! This is Mi10ticFan! :D

    Remember when we used to create super-long posts thanks to quoting each other over at the PMD Sky discussion thread? <3
    Hi! Would you want to join team sea soul? i joined team sea soul a clan that gives you rankiungs of your battle preformance and free banners and stuff. it's really fun! You sould totally join! You'd be great! As along as you use one water pokemon, and fill out the join form you're in! Here is the link to the clan--->

    Here is the fill out and your ready to roll!
    Battling Style:
    'Version Name' FC:
    No. of water pokemon in use:
    Referred By: lavaburst14 (tell them i refered you and get points!)
    Hey man long time no see! I was just thinking that I would love to have another battle with you. I will win this time I am sure of it. Send me a pm whenever.
    lol are you xXDragonzXx from bulbapedia xD.

    I was bored and decided to search some poke forums on google rofl.
    K so

    Raikou Lv50 UT (Timid)
    Suicune Lv40 UT (Bold)
    Lugia Lv45 UT (Timid)
    Rayquaza Lv50 UT (Naughty)
    Latios Lv40 UT (Modest)
    Purrloin Lv9 UT (Naive)
    シママ Lv11 UT (Hasty)
    Cottonee Lv15 UT (Mild)
    Krokorok Lv37 UT (Bashful)
    プロトーガ (Tirtouga) Lv25 UT (Calm)
    Shelmet Lv1 UT (Calm)
    Fraxure Lv40 UT (Docile)
    Heatmor Lv39 UT (Mild)
    Volcarona Lv70 UT (Timid)


    Rattata Lv1 UT (Lonely)
    Spearow Lv1 UT (Hasty)
    Venonat Lv1 UT (Sassy)
    Poliwag Lv1 UT (Impish)
    Cubone Lv1 UT (Lonely)
    Yanma Lv1 UT (Bashful)
    Slugma Lv1 UT (Calm)
    Hoothoot Lv1 UT (Hasty)
    Sunkern Lv1 UT (Rash)
    Shroomish Lv1 UT (Adamant)
    Makuhita Lv1 UT (Careful)
    Skitty Lv1 UT (Sassy)
    Swablu Lv1 UT (Jolly)
    Castform Lv1 UT (Rash)
    Kecleon Lv1 UT (Quirky)
    Shuppet Lv1 UT (Timid)
    Whismur Lv1 UT (Careful)
    Cleffa Lv1 UT (Serious)
    Ledyba Lv1 UT (Timid)

    and when you get Chimecho you choose a last right. If you're ready I'll get right to work lol, by clearing my pc xD
    Sure thing, no rush. I have to pack my crap cause I'm moving to a new place tomorrow Dx. But knowing that you have the Pokemon ready, I thank you :)
    I don't mind if you get ALL of them, at least you're trustworthy to obtain these UT. If you want to reserve everyone that's alright with me lol xD
    I just saw your post answering my question about EVs. Thank you so much. Basically since I trained to 252 in two stats I can still get 6 more but only four of those 6 are worth anything since the last two won't raise any stats?
    Yo dragon you might as well reserve everyone you can RNG. people are offering me crap I already have or dont want at all lol....

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