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  • I tend to work around the drama/comedy, adventure/comedy vein, but right now I'm actually working on a drama/horror, so that's different.
    Mostly just a lot of fanfics. I should probably make time to work on my original stuff too though.
    I think I'll manage to keep myself amused. I've got a lot of writing projects that I've wanted to work on, but have had limited time because of school.
    I'm definitely looking forward to summer... though more for "not in school" reasons than for wanting to be outdoors.
    Yeah. I figured we were in for a nasty spring what with the mild winter and spring coming so early.

    Nice to hear from you!
    Oh definitely. I suppose I shouldn't complain since we had such a mild winter, but I'm ready for it to be warmer. I've got a bad feeling about this spring... doesn't mild winter usually = stormy spring?
    Well, we've had a really mild winter and the weather's been really fluctuating. I think it's a hot air meets cold air kinda thing.

    There are a few problems I'm having, but overall it's not bad.
    Wow. That sounds scary. Glad you're okay though.

    Me too. Doesn't seem too terribly different though.
    I think part of the problem is that most classes have similar pacing, so if you're taking multiple classes you'll probably end up with major projects due all around the same time.
    It seems mean to make papers due the day after the super bowl! I don't even watch football and that strikes me as unfair.
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