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  • Just leave a message to some friends here that my nickname will get changed into Littlemyuu
    So that you still know its silly Solar-Sceptile but with another nickname!
    *pokes* Well yeah i love suprises ^^ anyday anytime...

    And i love you too ^^ my Man-to-be =D
    Well atleast im glad that i can still talk to you on msn ^w^ i mean i only go to serebii whenever im bored D= *hugs* love ya cutie
    YoU NeEd To ViSiT SeReBiI AgAin WhEn YoU aRe HeRe In HoLlAnd!!111!!!1!!!!
    ThEn We OwN SeReBiI WiTh OuR StoRiEs aNd oUr PoWeR Of LoVe!11!1one

    lol....no srsly now
    I love you!

    dude...where are you?
    i was waiting for you on msn the intire night...dont do this to me again...
    Btw i knew the feline club would die ( not die but...yeah)anyway....you may bomb on my profile anytime ok?
    do all you want i always love it if people post in my profile =3

    Maybe i get Platinum tonight =D
    Oh new adventures and new stupidity of lazy ass Maile =3

    Its ok, i only post in your profile when im bored...
    i dont talk to 10 people..thats crazy, only to 4/5 people...
    as long as you stay on msn then its ok
    *keep flying*
    I will use my Arial Ace attack :mad:
    post in the weekend or i will use it!

    *gets ready and keep flying circles*
    *staraptor flies above you and says*

    Post in my trainer's profile or doom will await you!

    *fly circles and go away untill you do*
    Hi there sweetie

    I just wanna say that i love you, anyone on serebii may know that...
    you are truly the only one for me =) you shall listen to that Lion King 2 songs
    ''We are one'' and ''Love will find a way'' so cool...
    See you around hun

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