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  • Yeah I'm still interested I don't go back on my trades unless the person is blacklisted happened once and that was it
    Relaxed nature
    Apparently arrived at lv16
    Good endurance
    Pokeball: a regular Pokeball
    Current lv51
    Name: Magnezone
    OT: May
    ID No. 18900
    Never had pokerus

    Charge beam, mirror shot, lock on, and tri attack
    I trained it myself but obtained it from the GTS so and it hasn't been uploaded to Pokecheck
    Ribbons: none

    HP: 139
    Attack: 81
    Def.: 154
    SP.atk.: 139
    SP.Def,: 107
    Speed: 63
    Here it is. :)

    Sweet! I'm putting it up as we speak. It's totally fine if it's not entirely finished yet, seeing as you're most likely going to continuously work on it anyways, since the metagame's always changing. XD And that's so cool! I can't go to VGC because I don't live in an area that allows me to, but I love talking about it and playing the metagame. I've seen some other sites have some strong VGC followings and I really want to help make Serebii grow a solid one as well. :)
    Just saw your RMT, just letting you know I plan on rating. ;)

    Also, it appears that your team is going to be used for VGC Battles, yes? I run the VGC thread in the Competitive forum, and I was wondering if you'd be opposed to me putting up in the OP. I decided to create a section for other people to check out RMTs/Examples of teams so that they can help/get help/get idea etc. Would it bother you if I did?
    I'm sorry I missed you earlier; your family stuff is much more important than this forum. Anyway, I leave for college tomorrow where I will not have DS wifi except for occasional weekends. I will check every 15 min or so tonight and tomorrow before I leave to see if you happen to log on in that time so I can give you golurk before I leave
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